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Music Video: Love, Serve, and Remember

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    Music Video: Love, Serve, and Remember http://SantMat.Gaia.Com Lyrics
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      Music Video: Love, Serve, and Remember


      Lyrics to: "Love, Serve, and Remember" -- Music by John Astin, from the album "Remembrance":

      Why have you come to earth?

      Do you remember?

      Why have you taken birth?

      Why have you come.....

      To love, serve, and remember.

      John attributes the words to Paramahansa Yogananda, also Ram Das: "When Ram Dass asked his teacher Maharaji how he'd be able to carry on in his spiritual work once he'd returned to the U.S. and was no longer in his physical company, Maharaji said, 'It is very simple. Just love everyone, serve everyone, and remember God.'  Love, serve, and remember...the simplicity and profound message contained in these three words served as the inspiration behind the song of the same name that appears on this recording Remembrance. May this song and the other titles on this album inspire you to remember the truth of who you are and to love and serve this world from that place of remembrance."

      The version of this song that currently appears on YouTube is performed by Ross Priluker. Click to watch and listen. Enjoy:


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