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Remembering God -- from the Saakhi Granth of Guru Kabir

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  • santmat_mystic ( James )
    Remembering God -- from the Saakhi Granth of Guru Kabir Meditation Sangat: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MeditationSangat { This world is illusion. Death and
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      Remembering God -- from the Saakhi Granth of Guru Kabir

      Meditation Sangat:
      {"This world is illusion. Death and birth are inevitable.
      Meditate!" -- Last Words of Baba Devi Sahab

      Below is from the book: Kabir 1008 Vani - Nectar of Truth and
      Knowledge -- Essence of the Collection of Saakhis (the Saakhi Granth
      of Guru Kabir) in Simple Language and Style, Compiled by Lalchand
      Doohan Jigyasu, Translated into English by Kunwar Anil Kumar,
      ISBN: 81-8133-515-5, Publisher: Manoj Publications. I have a review
      of this excellent Kabir Panth book at my website:

      This publication comes from a Sant lineage affiliated with the
      Dharamdasi branch of Kabir Panth headed by Shri Hajoor Uditnam
      Saheb. The book also mentions two centers in India: Sadguru Kabir
      Praakatya Dham, Lahartara, Varanasi, and, Kabir Mission Mandir,
      Vijay Vihar, Rithala,). This same group also uses the Anurag Sagar
      of Sant Daram Das and Kabir. They publish it in Hindi. Hopefully,
      like the Saakhi Granth, their version of the Anurag Sagar (Ocean of
      Love) will eventually be published in English.

      Though the book contains teachings about meditation practice, the
      Saakhi Granth has a holistic message, also addressing what goes on
      in our lives "in between meditations"! All words of Saints (Sant
      Satgurus), past and present, provide the satsang template used to
      communicate the teachings ("Sant Mat" literally means, "The
      Teachings of the Sants"). The Saakhi Granth is often used in
      traditional Indian satsangs to provide necessary instruction about
      how to live a spiritual life, making this life, more and more with
      each passing day, a reflection of the soul, and God.

      The following is the introduction to the chapter
      titled, "Remembering God". Below that are seven Saakhis of Kabir.


      [Meditation Sangat] and,
      [Kabir] at Yahoo Groups

      Remembering God

      For the welfare of one's own, remembering God [Ram] has an
      especially important place in practising spiritual life. It is that
      mysterious and wonderful process of devotion which cannot be seen or
      evaluated by anyone else. But it has a wonderful impact on the life
      of a devotee from outside and inside both. The sacred name with
      which the devoted seekers and disciples are initiated by a Sadguru,
      has an incessant relationship with the act of remembering God. Where
      there is love and devotion, God will also be remembered there.
      Remembering God has its own role in the combination of servitude,
      love and devotion. Remembering God is such pure stream of invisible
      holy Saraswati [rain] which, making the lives of devotees pure,
      quenches the thirst of their hearts. Sadguru or God may or may not
      be before his devotees, may be near or at a distance, his
      remembrance ensures his presence in the temples of the hearts of His
      devotees by being in their memory. The same memory, in the quietude
      of remembering God, on the unknown surface of consciousness, becomes
      animate and gets transformed into the form of a Sadguru, and gives
      the pleasure to the devotees of seeing Him. There is a great power
      in remembering God which brings the 'servant' and his 'master' close
      to each other. Expectations and disappointments have no place in the
      act of remembering God because true devotees have no desires and

      Remembering God is the inner spiritual practice of a devotee. Its
      mysterious experience is also very internal. And so, it does not
      demand any kind of particular outer garb. If there is no faith,
      concentration and wholehearted effort in remembering God, the
      outside things like string of beads, a mark made on the forehead or
      wearing sacred thread, would become an act of sanctimony only. There
      is no binding of time and place in regard to remembering God. The
      devotees continue to remember the Sadguru at liberty with love. Life
      is precious. No one knows when the chain of breaths may break. And
      so, the Sadguru has preached to remember God with each breath. In
      this context Kabir Saheb, explaining the importance of remembering
      God, has said that this will definitely unfold the knowledge of

      Saakhi's of Guru Kabir

      Naam Ratan Dhan Paaye Ke, Gaantho Baandh Na Khoal.....

      After having got the gem of true knowledge from your Sadguru, you
      must bear it in your mind and keep it in your memory carefully.
      Never exhibit this gem in a place which is devoid of assayers. One
      should unravel the mysteries of the true knowledge imparted by a
      Sadguru among the true seekers only.

      Naam Jo Rattee Ek Hai......

      Like, a very small sparkle of fire can burn and incinerate a huge
      pile of things, in the same manner, a very little of true knowledge
      imparted by a Sadguru can be more than sufficient. The impact of
      true knowledge imparted by a Sadguru is greater than the impact of
      the consequences of the thousand times more of sinful deeds.
      Slightest of true knowledge in one's life can remove the greatest of
      defects and vices of a person.

      Ram Japat Daridree Bhalaa, Tooty Ghar Kee Chchaan.
      Kanchan Mandir Jaari De, Jahaan Na Satguru Gyaan..4..

      A poor man, who continuously repeats the name of that Lord
      Ram [God, the Formless Lord of All-Love] who exists in everyone, may
      be possessing a dilapidated house, but even his dilapidated house is
      good. But a temple or palace, which is made of gold, must be set on
      fire, in which there is no discourse on the true knowledge imparted
      by a Sadguru.

      Ram Liyaa Jin gab Liya, gab Saastran Ko Bhed. Binaa Ram Narake Gaye,
      Parhi Guni Charon Ved..5..

      One, who has realized the eternal and the imperishable Ram, must be
      considered to have acquired the knowledge of the mystery of all the
      treatises. And one, who could not attain realization of that Lord
      Ram, despite having acquired full knowledge of all the four Vedas,
      will continue to remain in the life-and-death cycle of this world
      which is like hell.

      Aadi Naam Paaras Ahai, Man Hai Mailaa Loh. Parasat Hee Kanchan
      Bhayaa, Chchoota Bandhan Moh..6..

      The true knowledge imparted by the Sadguru can be likened to
      Parasmani (the philosopher's stone which is believed to convert a
      baser metal into gold by a mere touch) and the sinful mind can be
      likened to a piece of iron. The mere touch of the Parasmani of true
      knowledge makes the mind pious as a result of which it begins to
      shine like pure gold, and becomes free from all kinds of worldly
      attachments and delusions, i.e. true knowledge brings an end to

      Koti Naam Sansaar Mein, Taate Mukti Na Hoye.
      Aadi Naam Jo Gupta Jap, Biralaa Jaane Koye.. 7..

      There are millions and millions of names in this world which people
      repeat continuously, but this is not sufficient for attainment of
      salvation. The name, which is everlasting, eternal and imperishable
      (self-knowledge) and which is worshipped secretly, can be known to
      someone who is loved by his Sadguru.

      Ram Naam Nij Aoushadhi, Satguru Dayi Bataaye.
      Aoushadhi Khaaye Ru Path Rahai, Taakee Bedan Jaaye..8..

      A Sadguru is like a physician. He prescribed the name of
      Lord Ram (self-realization) as medicine for relief from diseases
      like life and death. Only that person can be cured with this
      medicine who practises restraint in his life, i.e. one who always
      moves on the right path.
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