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Sant Mat Satsang PODcast With Veena Howard

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    * Sant Mat Satsang **PODcast * *With Veena **Howard* * * * * *Hear the January 2011 Sant Mat * *Satsang PODcast: The Guest is * *Professor Veena Howard -
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      Sant Mat Satsang 
      With Veena Howard

      Hear the January 2011 Sant Mat 
      Satsang PODcast: The Guest is 
      Professor Veena Howard - Program 
      Length: One Hour and 17 Minutes - 
      Show Automatically Begins Playing 
      At Blog Talk Radio:

      All about Traditional Sant Mat from an 
      Indian Perspective. My guest is Veena 
      Howard: A delightful conversation 
      introducing listeners to a rare spiritual 
      path from India known as Sant Mat, 
      which means, The Way of the Saints. It 
      also can be translated as, The Path of 
      the Masters.

         Professor Veena Rani Howard

      Short Biography
      Veena Rani Howard's interest lies in 
      Hindu thought and comparative 
      religion. Her current research is on 
      ideological debates that take place 
      within the native discourse of Indian 
      thought, as well as in the recent 
      interactions between native and 
      Western interpretations. She analyzes 
      the intersection of different discourses, 
      such as that between classical Indian 
      philosophical logic and Western 
      philosophical and political dialectics 
      that mediate emerging conversations in 
      the field. She received her higher 
      education in India as well in the USA 
      and has master's degrees in English 
      Literature, Indian Philosophy, and 
      Western Philosophy.
      She is currently writing her doctoral 
      thesis on Mahatma Gandhi at Lancaster 
      University, UK.
      She teaches courses on Hinduism and 
      other religions of India at the University 
      of Oregon and Lane Community College.
      She has translated two books of the 
      Saint Tradition of Northern India, 
      Moksha Darsana (The Philosophy of 
      Liberation) and Sarvadharma Samanvya 
      (Harmony of All Religions).
      Her articles have been published in 
      essay collections, including Who 
      Exactly Is the Other? Western and 
      Transcultural Perspectives, University 
      of Oregon Books (2002) and 
      Asceticism, Identity and Pedagogy in 
      Dharma Traditions, Contemporary 
      Issues in Constructive Dharma, vol. 3 
      (2006). She is a frequent presenter at 
      conferences, including most recently: 
      the Association for Practical and 
      Professional Ethics (2003); Justice Will 
      Kiss Mercy: A Conference on the 
      Vocation of Peacemaking in a World of 
      Many Faiths, Marquette University 
      (2005); East-West Philosophers’ 
      Conference, University of Hawaii 
      (2005); Dharma Association of North 
      America at American Academy of 
      Religion (2005); and Deep Listening, 
      Deep Hearing: Buddhism and 
      Psychotherapy East and West, 
      University of Oregon (2006).

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