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Guru Nanak: Realise Him by Learning the Right Way from an Accomplished Guru

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  • Pravesh
    Learn the Tact from Guru to Realise Him: Guru Nanak A verse of Guru Nanak, excerpted from the book titled Santvani Sateek authored by Maharshi Mehi
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      Learn the Tact from Guru to Realise Him: Guru Nanak


      A verse of Guru Nanak, excerpted from the book titled "Santvani Sateek" authored by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans.

      -Translated by Pravesh k. Singh

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      The Verse:
      अनहदो  अनहदु  à¤¬à¤¾à¤œà¥ˆ, रुण झुणकारे राम |
      मेरा मनो मेरा मनु राता, लाल पियारे राम ||
      अनदिनु à¤°à¤¾à¤¤à¤¾ à¤®à¤¨à¥ वैरागी, सुन्न मंडलि घरू पाइआ |
      आदि पुरुष अपरंपरु पिआरा, सतिगुरि अलख लखाइआ ||
      आसणि बैसणि थिरु नाराइणु, तितु मनु राता बीचारे |
      नानक नाम रते वैरागी, अनहद à¤°à¥à¤£ झुणकारे ||१||
      तितु अगम तितु अगम पुरे कहु, कितु विधी जाइऐ राम |
      सचु संजमो सारि गुन गुरु, सबद कमाइऐ राम ||
      सचु सबदु कमाइऐ निजु घरि जाइऐ, पाइऐ गुणी निधाना |
      तितु साखा मूलु पतु नहीं à¤¡à¤¾à¤²à¥€, सिरि सभना परधाना ||
      जपु तपु करि करि संयम थाकी, हठि निग्रहि नहीं पाइऐ |
      नानक सहजि मिले जगजीवन, सतिगुर बूझ बुझाइऐ ||२||

      The English Translation:


      Myriads of Sounds keep chiming within. |
      My mind is lost in the most charming gem that is, Ram (God). ||
      The detached mind, that is absorbed day and night in Him, has found home in the void (inner sky). |
      My Guru made me see Him, who is otherwise Invisible (to external senses), the most lovable, transcendental, Primordial Lord. ||
      (Let the seeker) sit still in a suitable posture, and focus the mind in His thoughts. |
      Non-attached to the world, he should get lost in the jingle of countless melodies within. ||
      O friends! How to gain access into that Inaccessible region? |
      By adopting the essential virtues of truthfulness; restraint, and earning the wealth of the Word of Guru. ||
      Earn the wealth of Word (Divine Sound), return to your own abode, and realise Him, the treasure-trove of all virtues. |
      He who is without any roots, trunk, branches or leaves, and is the crown in every head. ||
      People exhaust themselves pursuing various other (outwardly) ways like jap (chantings), penances, abstinences and hatha yoga and yet fail to attain to Him. |
      If only one learnt from a True Guru; and practised accordingly, asserts Guru Nanak, He, the Soul of All, is realised so easily. ||

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