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Poetry from India: Saint Namdev: Archived Show on Demand

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    Sant Mat Poetry
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2010

      Sant Mat Poetry from India: Saint Namdev: Archived Show on Demand - Spiritual Awakening Radio - Click the Link to Hear Streaming Audio: 

      Namdev Books in English: "Hindi Padavali of Namdev", by Winand M. Callewaert

      From Poetry Chaikhana -- Sacred Poetry from Around the World: "Namdev was born in 1270 or 1269 AD into a family of low-caste tailors, though as he grew he showed little interest in the family profession or in any worldly affairs. .... Namdev came under the influence of the bhakti poet-saint Jnanadev, who was several years his senior. Namdev became a wandering minstrel, traveling through the countryside chanting and singing songs of devotion. In his fifties, Namdev settled down again and a group of devotees gathered around him. It was in the household of Namdev that Janabai served as a maid, a revered poetess in her own right." 

      God* is the One in Many

      He is the One in many,
      countless are His shapes and forms.
      He pervades all that exists;
      wherever I look, He is there.
      But very few perceive this reality,
      for Maya ever enchants us
      with her multiple reflections
      of color and alluring beauty.

      Everything is Gobind*,
      Gobind is everything.
      Nothing that exists
      is without Gobind*:
      the one thread strings
      innumerable beads --
      Prabhu* Himself is the thread,
      the threader, the threaded.

      River and waves,
      foam and bubbles
      have all their being
      within water itself.
      This play of things
      is the sport of Parbhama*.
      The One cannot be thought
      different from the other.

      Hope is a lie
      and desire a mere dream --
      yet both are construed
      as actual reality.
      But when my guru
      gave me his holy wisdom,
      I awoke from my dream
      and my heart yielded.

      Namdeva says,
      Behold Hari's* creation;
      ponder upon it
      with all your heart,
      and you will see
      that in every pore,
      in every living thing,
      there is only the one Murari*.

      *Names of God: Gobind, Prabhu, Parbhama, Hari, Murari:

      Jai Guru, All for the love of Wisdom and radio,
      Spiritual Awakening Radio, and, Sant Mat Radio

      Namdev Books in English: "Saint Namdev", Published by Radha Soami Satsang Beas (in the 'Mystics of the East' Series)

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