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Radio Satsang: February 5th Edition Archived -- This Friday's Guest: Constance Demby

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    * * *Radio Satsang: The February 5th Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio Archived -- This Friday s Guest: Constance Demby* * Last Week* * Radio Satsang: The
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      Radio Satsang: The February 5th Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio Archived -- This Friday's Guest: Constance Demby

      Last Week

      Radio Satsang: The February 5th Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean is Archived and Available Online On-Demand: Symptoms of Inner Peace, Other Short Stories and Quotes: The Man Trapped in a Well Arguing with the Person Above Holding the Rope, Kabir On Not Being A Prisoner of Our Own Thoughts -- Life is Short, Saint Teresa of Avila's Way of Perfection, The Code of Humanity, Getting Off the Treadmill of Karma, Living in the Source of All-Energy -- Guru Nanak's Vision For Life On Earth, the Ahimsa Prayer, Dharam Das's Burning Log Filled with Ants, Musically Accompanied Mystical Bhakti Verses of Mirabai, Namdev and Dadu Dayal, also, my Creed: Seven Things I Believe and Experience.

      Click to Listen (Windows Media File - Streaming Audio):

      Constance Demby Playing the Space Bass

      The Space Bass Experience: Primordial, Penetrating, Archetypal, Multi-tiered Overtones, Tibetan Monks, Tibetan Horns, OM Generator, Whales in Space, Gateway to other dimensions, Chakra tuner-upper, Atom rearranger, A healer, More than just a scrap of metal...

      This Week

      This Friday, February 12th, on Spiritual Awakening Radio, the guest will be Constance Demby (composer and initiate of Sant Mat):

      Streaming live at 1 PM Eastern Time, which is Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain, 10 AM Pacific Time, and 6 PM in the UK. Listen Live via:
      http://www.HealthyLife.Net Positive Talk Radio.

      For February Concert Events (13th, 20th & 21st) in California and Other Information, see:

      Youtube: Two Constance Demby Space Music Videos:


      Excerpt from "Novus Magnificat" - Part One:

      Music from the Heart of Love

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