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Fixing One's Attention on the Music of the Inner Sound

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    *Fixing One s Attention on the Music of the Inner Sound * * Posted
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      Posted on Nov 29th, 2009
      by SantMat_Mystic_(James) : SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com SantMat_Mystic_(James)


      Fixing One's Attention on the Music of the Inner Sound

      Sant Mat Mysticism Blog: http://santmat.gaia.com/blog

      "Some train themselves to hear the Saut-i Sarmad in the solitude on the sea shore, on the river bank, and in the hills and dales; others attain it while sitting in the caves of the mountains, or when wandering constantly through forests and deserts, keeping themselves in the wilderness apart from the haunts of men. Yogis and ascetics blow Sing (a horn) or Shankha (a shell), which awakens in them this inner tone. Dervishes play Nai or Algosa (a double flute) for the same purpose. The bells and gongs in the churches and temples are meant to suggest to the thinker the same sacred Sound, and thus lead him towards the inner life.

      "This Sound develops through ten different aspects because of its manifestation through ten different tubes of the body; it sounds like thunder, the roaring of the sea, the jingling of bells, running the water, the buzzing of bees [humming], the twittering of sparrows, the Vina, the whistle, or the sound of Shankha [conch shell or sea shell] until it finally becomes HU, the most sacred of all sounds." (Inayat Khan, The Mysticism of Sound)

      Shiv Brat Lal: "The devotee in his spiritual journey upwards hears sweet melodies which attract him. The melodies are a powerful magnetic force which draws the attention inwards and makes it fully attuned to proceed up and up. We hear external instrumental music like the sitar, sarangi, violin, harmonium, fiddle, flute and veena. We become attracted by them and almost acquire a semi-rapturous condition. One can well imagine how charming the Dhun-Atmic Shabda (internal Music) emanating from both subtle and causal regions can be. It is a thousand times more enchanting and absorbing! All one needs is to get the know-how of this simple method of the Saints."

      Whatever we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life. This principal is also true within during meditation, as we focus on certain inner Lights or Sounds. It says in the Adi Granth: "The one who fixes their attention on the Nectar-Word, in them rings the Music of the Word."

      Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj: "The Sound possesses a quality that attracts the attention of
      the listener. Every central sound flows from the highest realm downward to the lower realm and then directly connects to the center of that realm. The aspirant enters the process by attending to the Sound of the gross realm, centering, and then following

      that Sound as it leads to the realm above, which is the subtle realm. Upon reaching the subtle realm, the Sound of the causal realm is experienced. This Sound will eventually draw the practitioner from the Subtle to the Causal realm. And so the aspirant proceeds until reaching the Highest realm. Thus, the practitioner progressively grasps increasingly subtler and more powerful inner Sounds and thereby progresses to the realm immediately higher.

      "In the final stages of this practice, the aspirant goes beyond the veil of material creation and reaches the realm of Kaivalya (a state of absolute freedom from conditioned existence). This is where the soul comes to experience God. But even in this realm there is a thin veil, and complete union with God is not yet possible. Upon acquiring the final essential Sound in Kaivalya, the soul ascends upward to the Nihshabad (Absolute Soundless State, a state of Absolute Unity). There the soul becomes one with God."  (The Harmony of All Religions, Chapter Seven, on Sant Mat) 

      Kabir: "From the firmament, someone has uttered the authoritative Word. From that Word, all things have arisen. In every heart, it dances its dance.... The Word is the root of all worlds, and of the sun, the moon, and stars. Kabir says, "Know the speaker of the Word -- and he will ferry you across the ocean of this world." (Kabir -- Songs of the Divine, Jagessar Das, Kabir Association, Urban Mystic Books)

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