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Seek the Shelter of a Satguru to Attain God

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    Seek the Shelter of a True Guru to Attain to God *Posted on Jul 19th,
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      Seek the Shelter of a True Guru to Attain to God

      Posted on Jul 19th, 2009 by SantMat_Mystic_(James) : SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com SantMat_Mystic_(James)

      Maharshi Mehi Paramahansa


      Seek the Shelter of a True Guru to Attain to God, Who alone is Eternal in this Ephemeral Creation!

      Sant Mat Fellowship:
      {"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." -- Dadu}

      An English translation of a verse of the great Sant in the tradition of Santmat, Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, taken from his book "Mehi Padavali" (Verses of Mehi) based on its Hindi translation by His Chief Disciple and Successor, Maharshi Santsewi ji Paramhans:

      - Translation by Pravesh K. Singh (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sant_santati, http://blog.360.yahoo.com/praveshksingh


      Listen, O Fellow Beings of the World! This world is perishable; everything here is bound to be destroyed. ||1||

      O Brother! Illusory is this world like a castle of smoke.| Know it to be false and deceptive. ||2||

      All wise people have called it to be transitory, ephemeral.| Yet you keep clinging to it believing it to be real. ||3||

      All worldly pleasures are like a mirage| And you, like a deer, greedily run after them. ||4||

      It's why you suffer the pains of birth and death. | Who else, other than the Guru, can be your saviour? ||5||

      No one in this inn, that is this world, is your own,| Not even your son, father, mother, wife... ||6||

      Or your brethren, friends, relatives, other family members etc.| Rulers and the ruled alike are extensions or modifications of the very same illusion.||7||

      Residents of even the seven heavens, and | All supernatural gods also are steeped in sensual enjoyments. ||8||

      No one is here to stay for ever; all are travelers.| He (God) alone is Truth, full of peace, and eternal. ||9||

      Know God to be the epitome of peace. |Sants call Him Beyond-Word or Soundless. ||10||

      Only He is beyond all that is destructible as well as non-destructible.| He loves all the creatures and Himself is clear of all that is with or without attributes.||11||

      He is Invisible, Unintelligible, Nameless.| Indestructible, Past Everything, and Repertoire of Bliss.||12||

      He is beyond the Mind, is the Master of all the attributes.| He who doubts (the veracity of all that has been said above of God), suffers the excruciating cycles of transmigration.||13||

      Brothers! He alone is your benevolent Lord in the true sense,| Saving you wherever you go, all the time.||14||

      Worship Him devotedly,| By Learning the right way of doing so from a True Guru.||15||

      "There is no difference whatsoever between the God and a True Guru."| Seek the shelter of your Guru with such firm faith in your mind. ||16||

      Serve Guru, worship Guru.| Let not any absurd, irrational ideas or thoughts find room in your mind.||17||

      Live detachedly in the world.| Keep your sense organs, the source of our sufferings, under restraint.||18||

      Forsake lust, anger, egoism, infatuation.| Abandoning greed; worship your Guru whole-heartedly.||19||

      Craft, crookedness and arrogance of mind,| Attachment, jealousy etc. are among several types of vices.||20||

      Relinquish these (bad habits) progressively if you seek your true welfare.| Bear the words of the Guru resolutely in your mind and let yourself not be governed by your mind.||21||

      Adultery, lying, taking to intoxicants, violence| And stealing are the five gravest of sins.||22||

      Abandon these as they are harmful to you.| These are potent traps ensnaring you (in the chains of transmigration):||23||

      Wine, Indian hemp, bhang (another type of narcotic), opium,| Toddy, cocaine etc. etc...||24||

      All these intoxicants along with tobacco| are worthy of outright rejection; quit all these for good.||25||

      Shun eating meat, fish and other non-vegetarian food.| Adopt virtuous dietary habits.||26||

      First take care of your eating habits.| Then gradually kill all other vices.||27||

      Attend satsang daily --| Both internally as well externally.||28||

      Rendering and listening to religious talks or/ literature is external satsang.| Unbroken dhyAn (getting attached to the Quintessential Word) is the internal satsang.||29||
      Close your eyes and practise dhyAn.| By sitting in a firm and alert but (relaxed) posture,||30||

      Chant internally the holy name of the Guru. | Then mentally visualize his form.||31||

      These two acts help accomplish some progress in dhyAn.| Then do further dhyAn using the power of drishTi (sight/vision). ||32||

      Get hold of the point in Sushumna with your drishTi,| And detach your consciousness (or soul) from the gross creation. ||33||

      Stilling your gaze at the point within; listen to the numerous Sounds, | A variety that keep ringing within repeatedly. ||34||

      The soul ascends higher tuning into different sounds,| And thus, pierces the painful internal veils. ||35||

      Leaving the huge expanses of darkness behind...| Move into the domain of Light. ||36||

      Holding on to the sounds, cross even the Sphere of Light, | The soul gets contented by listening to the divine Sounds. ||37||

      The Name of Ram, the True Sound/Name,| The Quintessential Word, etc... are some of the many names Sants use to describe that Word/Sound. ||38||

      That sound (Quintessential Primeval Word) is attribute-less, purely conscious. | O Soul, grasp this Sound to move ahead of (all other) non-conscious sounds. ||39||

      Even this Sound subsequently merges into Soundlessness, | The State or Domain which lies beyond this attribute-less conscious zone. ||40||

      When the realm of (primordial) Sound is left behind, | The soul merges into the Soundless, Nameless State. ||41||

      This very Soundless State is called God. | Attain to this very epitome of calmness, of absolute tranquility. ||42||
      Those who have attained to this state are called Sants. | They have transcended the cycle of transmigration while still alive; they move out then to awaken the world. ||43||

      O brother, the secrets of Santmat | Are sung and explained by such Sants. ||44||

      He who has understood the above principle well must practice dhyAn...| And live a virtuous life in this world. ||45||

      He ought to progress constantly on the path of detachment,| Loving satsang intensely. ||46||

      He who teaches you this golden wisdom | And thus rids you of all doubts and confusions..... ||47||

      Make him your Guru, lovingly & reverently. | Adore him and serve him like a Sant. ||48||

      Never harbor deceit against your Guru.| Sip the elixir of his pure love. ||49||

      Talk politely, respectfully to Him, |For egoism destroys everything. ||50||

      Never, therefore, be egoistic towards him (the Guru). | Otherwise, you would be left high and dry in the trap of this world. ||51||

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