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The Rope Given by the Master So You May Leave the Well of Bhav

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    The Rope Given by the Master So You May Leave the Well of Bhav
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2009

      The Rope Given by the Master So You May Leave the Well of Bhav

      Posted on May 30th, 2009 by SantMat_Mystic_(James) : SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com SantMat_Mystic_(James)


      The Rope Given by the Master So You May Leave the Well of Bhav

      Sant Mat Fellowship:
      {"This mysterious path is described in the holy books, but it cannot be found simply by the study of sacred texts. It is found by the grace and guidance of an accomplished Teacher."}

      A man once fell into a well. Someone came along, had compassion for him and wanted to save him. So he threw a rope into the well and said, "I am holding this rope. You come out." But instead of holding on to that rope, the man began to question him: "Who has made this well? Why was it made? Why did I fall down in here?" When the man who wanted to save him had been there for some time, he said, "Many fools like you can again fall into this well," and walked away. So Master said that what was required was, first of all, to hold that rope and come out. And after coming out of the well he could have asked any question he liked.

      Guru Kabir has said: "Paanchai paanch paras ras, shabd gandh aru roop. Inhakar kahaa na keejiye, bahuri parab bhavakoop". Do not follow the five (objects of physical senses: touch, taste, sound, smell and form) or else, you would fall again in the well of 'bhav'(existence or cycles of birth & death).

      The "Rope" of the Inner Light and Sound in Another Kind of Well: The Inverted Well (from a post by Pravesh K. Singh)

      Sant Paltoo Sahib says: "There is an inverted well in the (inner) sky wherein a lamp keeps burning."

      The head of a man, standing above the neck, is like an inverted well in which (the divine) lamp or flame burns or is alight. This lamp emitting Light is seen by the practitioner of meditation. Tulsi Sahab has said, "Jaise mandir Deepak baaraa. Aise joti hot ujiyaaraa," meaning, "Just as a lamp burns in the temple, our inner sky is illumined by the Light." The well that we have on the earth is open at the top. This is the straight, upright or erect well, as all of us know. Man's head, however, is closed at the top and open from the bottom; the way to its top is from its bottom. That's why a man's head is also referred to as the inverted well. Verses of Sant Paltoo Sahib:

      "The lamp (inside the head) burns without any oil and wick. All the six seasons and all the twelve months, this lamp keeps burning.

      "Those who have found a Guru (and act according to his teaching) are able to behold this Light.

      "Those who are deprived of a Guru are not able to contemplate this Light.

      "A Sound emanates out of the Light of this lamp.

      "Only that practitioner, and no body else, who has sunk himself deep into trance or intense meditation, in all his awareness, is able to perceive this divine Sound.

      "Blessed is he, says Paltoo, who listens to or perceives that Sound.

      "There is an inverted well in the (inner) Sky wherein a lamp keeps burning."

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