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Monthly Satsang Podcast: Know Thy Self

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  • SantMatMysticism@gmail.com
    *Monthly Satsang Podcast: The Theme is KNOW THYSELF : Click to Listen -- Play or Download at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2009
      Monthly Satsang Podcast: The Theme is "KNOW THYSELF": Click to Listen -- Play or Download at:

      (Program Length: 39 Minutes)

      The March Satsang Available Online at Blog Talk Radio

      A wide variety of readings from the writings of the Sant tradition and other world scriptures with the theme of knowing one's Self and God: the recitation of several bhajans (mystical hymns, devotional poems) from classic Saints of India including from the Adi Granth, Dasam Granth, Huzur Maharaj (Rai Saligram). Also on the theme of knowing one's Self, readings from: The Bijak of Kabir, Saakhi Granth of Kabir; The Stranger of Galilee by Russell Perkins (who quotes some great passages from Kirpal Singh); also a couple of selections from the sayings of Lord Mahavira (Jainism) and the Gospel of Thomas (Gnostic); and, a Bhakti Approach to Simran (Radhasoami Naam) according to the Founder of the Radhasoami Faith.

      Satsang is an Eastern term used by Indian spiritual paths including Sant Mat for a meeting or spiritual gathering either facilitated by a living Master (Sant Sat Guru), representative or group leader affiliated with such a living teacher. The facilitator reads from the writings of various Masters, perhaps making some comments. The focus is always the words and the wisdom of the Masters about the essential truths of the spiritual journey, knowing God, Bhakti (love and devotion), right conduct and ahimsa (non-violence in thought, word and deed), effective meditation practice: Soul Travel: Surat Shabd Yoga: Inner Light and Sound Meditation, the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God or Inner Space.

      In the Love, Light, and Sound of the Beloved, Namaste',


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