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Love the Eternal Ocean and Not the Ephemeral Pond!

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  • Pravesh K. Singh
    Presented below is the English rendering of the Hindi couplets composed by Maharshi Santsewiji Paramhans, published (in Hindi) in the December 2006 edition of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2007
      Presented below is the English rendering of the Hindi
      couplets composed by Maharshi Santsewiji Paramhans,
      published (in Hindi) in the December 2006 edition of
      Shanti Sandesh, spiritual monthly brought out by
      Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppaghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar,

      "O unwise, ignorant fish (jivatma)! You did not do right.
      You forsook the ocean (God) and fell in love with the
      petty pond (outer material transient world). ||1||

      Now that the pond is on the verge of drying up and your
      life drawing to its end, arise & awake at least now and
      surrender yourself to the ocean, advise all saints. ||2||

      With filth (in form of perversions of mind) filled all inside,
      you keep passing sermons to others, and go on accepting gifts
      and offerings from the gullible, trusting people? Remember,
      such deeds would land you in Hell! ||3||

      You find pleasure in doing all undo-able, evil things; enjoy
      performing sinful activities; and dislike or detest
      well-intentioned counsels. You will have to undergo, mind you,
      untold sufferings in the kingdom of Yamaraaj, the Hell. ||4||

      It's not yet too late. Begin to meditate on God, giving up
      the temptations & trappings of sensual pleasures,
      objects of senses, because you never know when you will
      breathe your last.||5||

      You take to lethargy when it comes to doing
      bhajan (worship, meditation), and show swiftness,
      felicity and adeptness at talking big, sermonizing others.
      With the heart full of all sorts of attachments and
      ill-will, animosity & jealousy, you are sure to be courted
      by the Death-God, Yamaraj. ||6||

      Purify your body by doing selfless service to the Sadguru,
      purify your wealth by giving alms to the poor and the needy.
      Sanctify your mind by doing bhajan and make your way towards
      salvation. ||7||

      Every moment that passes should remind you of the end nearing,
      coming closer. The one who wastes his life not by meditating
      has to repent in the end. ||8||

      Begin bhajan with internally chanting or repeating the
      Guru-mantra/incantation (the charged words given by the Guru).
      And then try to visualize the radiant form or image of the Sadguru
      in the still darkness of the inner sky (with eyes closed).
      Follow that with focusing your attention at the seat of
      the soul within, i.e. at the third eye or the inner eye
      or the til dwaar, by making the two streams of consciousness
      in your two eyes converge in a point. ||9||

      When the two currents of consciousness meet in a point,
      divine light appears within. Then, practice
      surat shabd yog (yog of divine sound) i.e.,
      try to shift your attention to listening to
      the divine sounds or myriads of melodies (anahad naad)
      ringing inside. Listening to the divine sound destroys
      all the perversions, agitations and fickleness
      of the mind. ||10||

      Ascending beyond or transcending myriads of sounds,
      try to identify and tune in to the quintessential
      unstruck melody, called "saar shabd" or "anaahat naad"
      which alone is capable of taking you and merging you
      into oneness with the Supreme Lord; this is the
      ultimate deliverance, emancipation, welfare,
      or liberation. ||11||

      Kaaminee or female (for male; similarly male for female)
      is hundred times as intoxicating as kanak (gold or, the opium).
      One loses one's saneness or balance of mind or rationality
      by mere sight of hers, why to talk of acquiring kanak (gold)
      or consuming kanak (opium). ||12||"
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