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2490Happy Guru Purnima: Master’s Day

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  • SantMatMysticism
    Jul 14, 2011
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      Sant Mat Satsang PODcast: Program Theme: Happy Guru Purnima: Master’s Day — Program Length: 23 Minutes -- Click For Streaming Audio:

      Reflections about the role of Sant Satgurus: The Competent Living Master, a Qualified Teacher, The True One, Genuine Mentor, a Righteous and Worthy Guide, A Fearless Being, Light-giver, Leader of a Spiritual Community. An Ode to the Sant SatGuru, in Praise of the Sant-soul of love who has reached the 5th plane or above, and merged in God. With gratitude to the Competent Qualified Teacher, the Living Master, the Living One. In a Sea of Samsara, of falsehood, illusion and posing, there is a bright Light in the darkness. A silent Music becomes audible. At the feet of such a Loving, Radiant One, the soul can not help but find inner Light and slip into deep samadhi meditation. In the eyes of the Sant are love, wisdom, light, compassion, grace, and a reflection of God. The definition of a Sant Satguru is someone who connects the soul with the Supreme Lord of Love.  

      Love and Light in the Sound,

      Jai Guru, Sat Naam, Radhasoami,