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2382Valentine's Day Verses of Pure Love and Romance from Rumi, Darshan Singh, Guru Amar Das, Baba Farid, and Sultan BaHU

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  • SantMatMysticism
    Feb 14, 2010
      Valentine's Day Verses of Pure Love and Romance from Rumi, Darshan Singh, Guru Amar Das, Baba Farid, and Sultan Bahu

      Sant Mat Radhasaomi:

      Valentine's Day provides an opportunity to share these powerful, loving verses of the heart. The words of mystics are directed towards God as the Beloved lover of their soul, yet their words are so loving, blissful, and ecstatic that they are, at the same time, quite romantic and appropriate for Valentine's Day between soul-mates! I believe the soul-to-soul-mate relationship of romance is a kind of 'reflection' of the soul's relationship with God (soul-to-Oversoul), the ultimate pure love from the Ocean of Love.

      "True lovers are those
      who love with all their hearts." (Baba Farid)

      "Do I hear some sound? Is it the footsteps of the Beloved?
      Or am I being tricked by the beating of my heart?"

      "Escaping from the eyes of the stars and the glances of the flowers,
      Two hearts met in the waning
      of the night."

      "Every grain of sand in the desert is a mirror;
      Amidst your infinite reflections,
      your mad lovers are lost."

      "Heart to heart and soul to soul --
      that is a true meeting,
      Passing each other, coming and going, is not even an encounter."

      "My silence keeps the secret of my love,
      But my tearful eyes betray me."

      "I could neither find smiles in the flowers, nor Light in the stars,
      Until I met you, O Beloved,
      joy was nowhere to be found."

      "As the beauty of the Beloved's eye caught the light of mine;
      It became ever more ravishing and irresistible."

      "O Irresistible One, may my heart be the abode of your love,
      Let me become a moth to the candle of your beauty."

      "Love has only a beginning;
      It has no end."

      (Urdu verses above in English from Sant Darshan Singh's book, A Tear And A Star)

      Love is the Voice of Two Hearts Beating Together

      Below is from, Love's Last Madness --- Poems On A Spiritual Path, By Sant Darshan Singh, Published by Hohm Press (an English translation from the Urdu language, from the book, Mataa-e Noor [Treasury of Light], edited by Barry Lerner and Harbans Singh Bedi). New Web Address For Darshan Singh Love's Last Madness Website:

      "Love lends sparkle to this happy, sad world;
      Love is the voice of two hearts beating together.

      If not the enchanting look of the true believer's eyes,
      What changes rational life into mad existence?

      My lonesome mornings yearn for the sound of your footfall,
      My anguished nights strain to hear your voice.

      Love is not talked of in the marketplace:
      Love is unknowable mystery, end to end.

      My impatient eyes dare not turn audacious
      But for the beckoning of her seductive look.

      Love's capital lasts forever --- love is a thing divine;
      It makes lovers soar inconceivably high.

      Silence would conceal your heart's secret, Darshan,
      Were it not for the telltale tears of your restless eyes." (Darshan Singh)

      "They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together.
      They alone are called husband and wife, who have One Light in two bodies." (Guru Amar Das)

      "Lovers remain completely intoxicated in the ecstasy of their love for the Beloved.
      They offer their souls to the Beloved while still living, and thus immortalize themselves
      in this life and in the hereafter." (Hazrat Sultan Bahu)

      "There is no salvation for the soul
      But to fall in love.
      It has to creep and crawl
      Among the Lovers first.

      Only Lovers can escape
      From these two worlds.
      This was written in creation.

      Only from the Heart
      Can you reach the sky.
      The rose of Glory
      Can only be raised in the Heart." (RUMI)

      "Lovers would give up both worlds
      and sacrifice hundreds of years of life
      for just one moment together,
      They jump though thousands of hoops
      after the smell of one breath,
      and would sacrifice thousands of lives
      to satisfy a single heart.

      "Lovers are such strange people.
      They are not like everybody else.
      They don't carry their souls in their bodies.
      Instead, their souls carry them.
      People run to the river of the waters of Life
      in hopes of becoming immortal,
      yet the waters of Life
      are always running to the lovers."

      -- Rumi, The Rubais of Rumi -- Insane with Love",
      Translations and Commentary by Nevit O. Ergin
      and Will Johnson, Inner Traditions

      You and I - Rumi

      "How happy we are when seated in a palace,
      you and I,
      With dual forms and bodies but with one soul,
      you and I.

      Birds' voices and the grove's moody colours offer
      Immortality when we enter the garden,
      you and I.

      Above, stars will emerge and gaze upon us;
      We'll reveal to them the moon's splendour,
      you and I.

      Individuals no more, you and I shall mingle in ecstasy
      Full of joy, and beyond the reach of stupid talk.

      All the hearts of Heaven's high-plumaged birds will be rotten with envy,
      In the place where our laugh sounds similar,
      you and I.

      The greatest wonder is this: that we sit here in the same spot,
      In Iraq and Khorasan at this moment,
      you and I."

      -- Rumi, "Where Two Oceans Meet -- A Selection of Odes from the Divan of Shems of Tabriz, By Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi", James G. Cowan, Elements Books