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2315Lists of Past Saints, and, Samadhi: State of Divine Union

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  • SantMatMysticism@gmail.com
    May 18, 2009

      Lists of Past Sants, and, Samadhi: State of Divine Union

      Posted on May 18th, 2009 by SantMat_Mystic_(James) : SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com SantMat_Mystic_(James)


      Lists of Past Sants, and, Samadhi: State of Divine Union

      Sant Mat Fellowship:


      Lists of Past Saints - The Sants

      While Sant Tulsi Sahab laid the foundation of the Santmat tradition of modern times, it was exquisitely served and enriched in a completely unique way by Maharsi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj. Maharshi Mehi was a direct disciple of Baba Devi Sahab of Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India who had special blessings of Sant Tulsi Sahab. Before I proceed further, I wish to place on record that I have a firm opinion that all true sants are equal, as they all have, by dint of their rigorous meditational practices, raised their consciousness to merge into that of, and, hence, have become one with, the Absolute Power that is, God. I, thus, have (and all of us should have) equal admiration and respect for all the sants (Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Shankaracharya ji, Ramanand ji, Kabir Sahab, Guru Nanak, Tulasi Das ji, Tulsi Sahab, Baba Devi Sahab, Dadu Dayal ji, Sundar Das ji, Swapach ji, Radhaswami Sahab ji, Ravidas ji, Tukaram ji, Jagjivan Sahab, Palatu Sahab, Gorakhnath ji, Shiv Narayan Swamiji, Dariya Sahab, Soordas ji, Sahajo Bai, Shabri, Mira Bai, Maharshi Raman, Rumi, Bulla Sahab, Guru Gobind Sahab, etc. etc.) whichever sect or 'panth' they are from (in fact, the sants did never form or even propose to form any sect or panth, it has always been formed & promoted – sometimes chauvinistically – by their followers; the sants themselves have always been much beyond any sect)....... All sants have, in all times, made the noblest efforts to uplift the human kind from their woeful state of being attached to the illusory duo of the body & the world. (from an article listing many Sants and mystics titled, Maharshi Mehi – The Bridge between Scriptures and the Santmat, by Pravesh K. Singh)

      Said Tulsi Sahib: 'Listen, I will now explain what I mean by "Sant". To mention a few Sants, I pick the names of Dadu, Mira, Nabha, Nanak, Dariya Saheb and Soor Das. Kabir's name, I mention again. And there have been many other Sants. Sants, who have reached the Eternal Region, have given to the world invaluable couplets and hymns in the form of their poetical compositions. I, Tulsi Das, who am only the dust of the holy feet of Sants, also said something about the bliss of the Inaccessible Region.' (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, S.D. Maheshwari translation)

      Huzur Maharaj, on the teachings of Soami Ji Maharaj: A few names of perfect and true saints and true sadhs and fakirs who manifested themselves in the last seven hundred years are given here. They are: Kabir Sahab, Tulsi Sahab, Jagjivan Sahab, Garib Das Ji, Paltu Sahab, Guru Nanak, Daduji, Tulsi Das Ji, Swami Hari Das Ji, Sur Das Ji and Raidas Ji [Ravidas]. Among Mohammedans: Shams-i-Tabrez, Maulana Rumi, Hafiz, Sarmad, Mujaddid Alif Sani. From a perusal of the discourses and the writings of the great personalities, one can know how far they had reached, and what was the region they had come from. (Sar Bachan Prose, Book One, Agra)

      Great praises to all the Saints! In which manner will one pray to them? My mind is so very impure and inexperienced. Saints being destroyers of sorrows do away with the worldly traps. They are the treasure-troves of knowledge and meditation. Highly proficient in the techniques of single-minded concentration and the Yoga of Sound. They propagate the same in plain language all over the world. Great are the sages and saints like Buddha, Shankar and Ramanand for eliminating sins. Sacrifice to the magnificent saints like Kabir, Nanak, Goswami Tulsidas & Tulsi Sahib, Dadu, Sundar Das, Sur Das, Swapach, Ravi Das, Jagjivan, Paltu, etc... They are all great benefactors, delivering human beings from the fears of the world. Sadguru Devi and other Saints are also highly adorable, Maharshi Mehi sings their magnificence and lies prostrate at their sacred feet with faith and love. (Padavali of Maharshi Mehi Paramahansa)

      Samadhi: (The State of Divine Union)

      Samadhi is the eighth limb of Yoga. Samadhi is of two kinds: One type of Samadhi is samprajanata — a joyful state in which higher consciousness working through the mind in all stages. The second type is asamprajanata. In this type of samadhi the mind is completely absorbed in a state of pure awareness and all of one’s desires vanish. Generally speaking, the state of Samadhi is achieved when the subject (soul) and the object (God) unite. Duality disappears, and oneness is established. According to the Sant tradition, this state is possible through the practice of the yoga of Divine Sound. Without the practice of Sound yoga, the practitioner will not be able to achieve complete control of the mind.

      Sant Kabir speaks about the Divine Sound: "Search the Divine Sound, control your mind. This yoga is accomplished through the means of Sound. The true Sound is the essence of creation. The physical body and world are not real (i.e., not permanent)."

      Through the practice of the yoga of Light, complete control of the senses is attained (dama), and through the yoga of Sound the complete control of the mind (shama) is accomplished.....

      With regard to Sound yoga the Yogshikhopanishad says: "When one focuses on a finest point and becomes established in this focus, then the divine Sound automatically becomes manifest and one is able to perform Sound yoga."

      At that point of focus our ten senses (cognitive senses and active expressions) are left behind, and we enter in a state of total absorption. When our eleventh sense, the mind, enters into the ajna charka (the third eye) the practitioner is hears the Celestial Sounds. Vedic seers refer to this ajna chakra as sushumna and fakirs of Sufi tradition call it shahrag.

      Sant Tulsi Sahib says: "The path to reach our Beloved lies in shahrag. Why are you wandering in the outer world to find your Beloved (God)?"

      The path leading to God is within your heart. Enter into ajna chakra and you will find your Beloved. God is not found not in a manmade Ka’ba (Muslim pilgrimage place), but in natural Ka’ba (holy place), within your own heart or self. Turn your attention within. You should listen attentively to the reverberating divine Sound. The celestial sound is coming to take you back to the source. Remember you cannot hear this with the physical ears. When you focus your gaze within ajna chakra and the consciousness in inverted inward your physical ears automatically will close and the inner ears will open. By that power with inner ears you can hear the Celestial Sounds. The original Sound of the creation comes from the abode of God and it will take you to God.

      The Nadabindu Upanishad sings the praise of Sound yoga and offers this image: "When a mad (in rut) elephant goes to a banana orchard and destroys and eats the orchard, and the elephant keeper comes and pierces the elephant with a prong, the elephant is brought under control. In the same manner, our mind is like the mad elephant that is wandering in the garden of sense objects and is disciplined by the practice of Sound yoga."

      This teaches us that when the mind withdraws from the sense objects and goes towards a state that is beyond worldly desires, the mind automatically turns toward God. (Swamisant Sevi Ji, The Harmony of All Religions, Bhagalpur, Bihar India)

      On closing the eyes everyone sees the darkness inside, whether he/she belongs to whatsoever creed, caste, country or he/she be young, child, old, male, female, scholar or illiterate. This darkness has not been created by the people or gods. This darkness has been created by the Supreme Sovereign God. There are three layers (coverings) over the Jeevaatmaa (Individual Soul). Those are: darkness, light and sound. Darkness is the shadow of the light. This darkness is the first layer on the Jeeva (individual soul) whom all beings see. One who crosses this layer of darkness through a special kind of meditation sees the inner light within oneself. This inner light is called Aatma-Aalok (Light of the self) or Brahma-Prakash (Divine Light). On achieving it, the Divya-Drishti (Divine Eye, Third Eye) opens completely. (Swami Bhagirath Baba)