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Australia: making a Jewish history as usual

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  • mskn23un
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2004
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      <<<<MP's site contains links to Hitler
      September 1, 2004 - 6:54AM
      The Age

      Independent MP John Fischer has come under fire after his website
      reportedly contained links to quotes from Adolf Hitler and claims of
      Jewish world domination.
      The Australian newspaper reported the former One Nation member had
      removed a link on his site to white pride story A Wonderful Race to
      review it, but had not necessarily permanently pulled it.
      Mr Fischer said the link to "great quotes" from Hitler's Mein Kampf
      and statements indicating a Jewish plot to take over the world would
      remain because they were historical.
      The quotes also appeared in context alongside the words of Mark
      Twain, George Orwell and George W Bush, he said.
      "I certainly won't succumb to any (politically correct) pressure like
      that," he told the paper.
      The Australian said the website was run by Scott Morrow, state
      executive member of Bob Katter's New Country Party.
      Mr Morrow said he received no complaints when he placed A Wonderful
      Race and the Hitler quotes on the One Nation Party's state

      The Australian provides a more explicit info on a site's anti-Semitic
      context "belived" by even a politically correct Executive Council of
      Australian Jewry president, Mr.J. Jones, constituting "the most
      racist material presently linked to an Australian politician's

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