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Tate plan to help the Middle East Crisis through film series.

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  • Dennis Tate
    Shalom, I firmly believe that tension in the Middle East can be reduced through well planned reality films and movies. If tension in the Middle East can be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2006
      I firmly believe that tension in the Middle East can be reduced
      through well planned reality films and movies.  If tension in the Middle
      East can be reduced then the lives of American and Brisith soldiers
      could be saved.
      Dennis Tate
      Dennis Tate primary campaign writing for June 13/06 election
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      (7/2/06 8:35 am)
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      New Post Proposed Sherbrooke Village Middle East Peace Initiative.

      As for your personal health and well being, that is your responsibility, not the gubmnts. Making it the gubmnts responsibility will bankrupt any nation that tries it, sooner or later. A system like that cannot sustain itself without a lot of cheap labor taking up the slack and even then it wont survive because people will live too long with all of that free health care, retire too early because they live too long, and become an every bigger drag on society because there wont be enough people working to pay the bill. Already happening all over Europe, and 25 years from now Canada will be in the same place they are. America too, if we don't put a stop to it now.

      Shalom Booger,

      Again you have covered this other angle on our economic situation. Your thoughts are essentially in agreement with many theorists who lived during the time of Benjamin Franklin.

      America Created It's Own Money in 1750

      His friends replied that England was a prey to a terrible condition: it had too many workers! The rich said they were already overburdened with taxes, and could not pay more to relieve the needs and poverty of this mass of workers. Several rich Englishmen of that time actually believed, along with Mathus, that wars and plague were necessary to rid the country from man-power surpluses.

      As you can guess Booger...I am not in agreement either with you or with these English theorists who certainly had their share of influence on the Irish potato blight. (Incidentally we Irish paid our grain and beef rent to the English landlords in full at the same time that the English debated in their parliament what they should do to help the Irish who lost one million to starvation).
      As for your personal health and well being, that is your responsibility, not the gubmnts.

      ....but I can do something with this statement.

      Why should we leave any type of social program to government if it would be theoretically possible for the private sector to take over that responsibility....and earn a profit at the same time that they address a social ill?

      I do believe that our nations need to have an army that is controlled by government but it is theoretically possible to have a make believe army of actors....posing as soldiers...that actually could accomplish more toward solving the problems in the Middle East...than the government controlled army!

      Proposed Sherbrooke Village, Middle East Peace Initiative.

      Proposed Sherbrooke Village, Middle East Peace Initiative.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Sherbrooke Village can grab the attention of the world by coming up with a workable plan to bring a much greater level of peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

      Immediately, we should begin a Sherbrooke militia or cadet corps and begin training for our time in Israel. We should promote the sale of firewood from our region to the nation of Israel to fulfill this scripture so that the stage is more fully set for the return of the Jewish Mashiach/Messiah.

      For Tophet [is] ordained of old; yea, for the king it is prepared; he hath made [it] deep [and] large: the pile thereof [is] fire and much wood; the breath of the LORD, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it. (Isaiah 30:33).

      We can use the cutting of firewood for Israel by our cadets or militia members as a primary training measure to toughen them up. Much more productive than just doing push ups or running five or ten miles! We can trade firewood for computers, olive oil, citrus, roses, anything that can be produced in Israel that they may have somewhat of a surplus of.

      We could ask for volunteers from one part of Sherbrooke to play the role of Palestinian terrorist while another area plays the role of the Jewish community. Our cadets train by preventing our Palestinian terrorist actors from reaching their intended targets. This type of play could be a lot of fun and might just capture the attention of some potentially large investors.

      I think that Tophet must actually have a large pile of literal wood in it or Messiah will not return. If the Jews truly want Messiah back they will stockpile a massive amount of wood in the area of Tophet/the valley of the Sons of Hinnom.

      Better yet...we could ask actual Palestinian students and chaperones to come to Nova Scotia as exchange students who work on this project in their spare time....and we should request Israeli students and chaperones to come to Nova Scotia to work on this or a similar project in their spare time.

      I will add some posts here from another ezboard community where I promoted the idea of beginning a new political movement. By page two of the thread we had began to talk about the Middle East and these ideas can give us a rough idea of how we might be able to create many jobs for our entire region by proposing a plan, and training for, a zero casualty rate in Israel due to terrorist activity.

      Lets start another political movement!!

      Quote:satu largi:
      Great to hear that your hearts in the right place, and your goals are so noble.
      Perhaps you can help the Palestinian children grubbing through the rubbish piles for food, as well.......?

      Shalom and Greetings,

      Actually, I'm Scotch-Irish but philosophically Jewish, and, I do think that it is very possible to do something about the situation that the Palestinian kids find themselves in, especially if we adopt a better money supply system that leaves Canada and Australia with a major budget surplus. Every nation wishes to get involved in a few goodie goodie projects to assuage our guilty consciences over our rampant destruction of the environment, extinction of numerous species, million or so aborted fetuses each year strangely reminiscent of the holocaust, not to mention our overconsumption of the world's resources at an unheard of rate, so what better high profile modern world problem to tackle, than the Middle East crisis.

      Changing the situation in the Middle East in one area, one town, would essentially prove that the attitude in the entire region could potentially be quite different. If the political leaders of Canada, Japan and Australia had enough sense to recognize that war in the Middle East was a genuine threat to their own citizens, (which obviously is the case in our age of weapons of mass destruction), then I would suggest that we put our secret services to work on this problem and disguise the whole thing, as a movie or major television event. I suggest, making a movie or TV series, about the making of a movie or TV series, that is an obvious attempt to reduce or eliminate the death toll of Israeli citizens at the hands of terrorists and at the same time make IDF anti-terrorist strikes almost unnecessary, in at least this one town where this movie or series is the major industry.

      First, it will be necessary to find one town, where the Palestinian people are gung ho to participate in a feel good, B comedy or "Fear Factor" type of series that is an obvious slap at the prevailing attitude among Arabs that the Jewish citizens of Israel should be pushed into the sea and since we have them outnumbered one hundred to one, this should be possible, eventually. OK, I admit that finding this town could be a bit difficult but since Arafat and his buddies have diverted vast sums into pretty much everything except food for Palestinians, you would think that this should be possible.

      Lets say that we find this town, what do we do next?

      Young people have a tremendous influence on which movies or television series are successful. If this reality film series centers around a number of young Palestinian Christians, young Orthodox Jewish Israelis, young exchange students from Jordan and Egypt...then the probability of this film series being successful increases greatly.

      OK, some of our major characters in this movie are actors posing as perhaps Canadian, Japanese and Australian secret service agents who have came up with an elaborate plan to reduce tension between Palestinians and Jews. These guys are pretty sharp so they decide to completely bypass the UN or any other governmental body so we make up cool or humorous other names for these nations but anybody can figure out which countries are involved, (using the real names for our nations would actually be possible too).

      I would suggest getting a Japanese actor to appear as a very influential cult leader who is promoting the concept that the Japanese, Australians and Canadians are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel and that we have a Samurai (derived from the ancient capitol of Ephraim, Samaria), type obligation to convert to Judaism/Messianic Judaism, return to the land of Israel and help in the construction of the Third Temple so that Messiah ben David will return to the earth to usher in a truly peaceful society. Incidentally, there are some extremely impressive writings attesting to exactly this theory available readily on the internet. Take a look at moshiach.com, lost tribes of Israel or britam.org to get a sample of this material. The fact that this guy could actually be correct could add realism to our production.

      OK, lets have our brilliant secret service types try to solve a few other problems in Canada and Australia at the same time that we earn our nations major brownie points, all at the same time that we hit our taxpayers with little or no cost for the project because, remember, this is disguised as a public event that should be profitable. Our native people are noted for incredible courage in times of warfare but the levels of alcholism and suicide on the reserves at this time is among the highest in the world. We could attempt to prove the theory that making a large number of our native people famous and wealthy would tend to reduce hopelessness on the reserves especially if we could reduce unemployment by a vast expansion in our make believe military for this and related projects.

      One possible method would be to have our nations in the series come up with the idea that various tribes or even religious affiliations could have their very own divisions. Maybe we could have a division/brigade of a particular tribe vote on the issue of who they personally favor in this situation, and they decide they really identify with the Palestinians. Another tribe, such as the Cherokee would tend to agree moreso with the Jews. We will need serious numbers of unknown actors to play the role of soldiers and massive numbers of the local Palestians become actors, playing the role of the local Palestinians. The local Jewish community plays the role of the local Jewish community.

      OK, so how do we drastically reduce or eliminate fatal terrorist strikes by the Palestinians in this community against the Jewish population? By the enforcement of numerous safety regulations for the local designated terrorists. Our soldiers enforce the wearing of proper protective gear for all terrorists. We have already proven on some of our network programming that we can take a human being and wrap him/her in layers of protective material and pretty much drop a bomb on them without their getting hurt. This protective equipment though makes movement very slow, and makes a person look like the Michelin man, so surely all fleet footed Israelis would be quite safe from properly attired terrorists.

      The possibility for humor here is great and viewer interest could be quite high. If we screen our actors for guys whose ethics actually include committment, we could potentially even run into a lot of marriages between our stars and the local Palestinian girls who are a little tired of being beaten up for just about anything and living on bread and olive oil for three of their two daily meals.

      I thank you for the question and this is just about the best that I can do on this one on short notice.


      Correction: appearing as YOUNG secret service agents! Ofcourse it always adds quite a bit if we have them being trained by older agents!

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