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  • han tun
    Venerable Bhante Nagasena,   Thank you very much, sir. I am happy to know this much. I have also read your attachment.   Respectfully, Dr Han Tun ... From:
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      Venerable Bhante Nagasena,


      Thank you very much, sir.

      I am happy to know this much.

      I have also read your attachment.



      Dr Han Tun

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      Subject: Re: [SanghaOnline] 84,000 Dhammakkhandhas [1 Attachment]
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      Takagyi Han Tun

      Honestly, I dont know how to divide such a number of Dhamma. I heard 84000 Dhammakhandas from many Sayadaws but I have never studied how these numbers are counted.   84000 are considerably huge and the numbers can be confusing, perhaps not necessary to realise the truth. What we need is to understand how our mind-body operates and how we are influenced by or reacted to the world. Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma or the theory of Abhidhamma shows us how to deal with this mind -body or mind and matter. This enough for us to realise the ultimate truth.  However, if we really want to analyse the number Dhamma in terms of Pathana methodolgy of Abhidhamma or the minor precepts of the Vinaya rules as discussed in Vinaya Canon and commentary, the number can become  more than 84000, even millions. I believe that 84000 are not stated in the Canon, not even in the commentary; the methodology may have developed by some individual scholars who composed sub-commentaries. Having said this, I have to research more. This is just my view. 

      However, i have discussed with my friend about 84000. He does not know how to work out the number either but he has given a blog-link, which i have attached in this email for you to research furhter.

      When I have time, I may research a bit further in the future!


      --- On Mon, 27/12/10, han tun <hantun1@...> wrote:

      From: han tun <hantun1@...>
      Subject: [SanghaOnline] 84,000 Dhammakkhandhas
      To: SanghaOnline@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, 27 December, 2010, 22:59

      Venerable Bhante Nagasena,

      I know that you are very busy.
      So only when you have time, please answer to me, sir.

      It is mentioned in the books that there are 84,000 dhammakkhandhas as follows:

      Sutta pi.taka = 21,000 dhammakkhandhas
      Vinaya pi.taka = 21,000 dhammakkhandhas
      Abhidhamma pi.taka = 42,000 dhammakkhandhas

      The question is how they are calculated?
      What is one dhammakkhandha?
      Pali Text Society Dictionary gives the meaning of dhammakkhandha as the (4) main portions or articles of the Dhamma (siila, samaadhi, pa~n~naa, vimutti). This definition does not help me to understand the 84,000 dhammakkhandhas.

      I would be most grateful if you would kindly let me know how the dhammakkhandhas are counted?

      Dr Han Tun

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