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As I Understand

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  • Ven. Acara
    Bhikkhu Pannadharo said: Anything that conditions is kamma. And he said: conditioning abyaakata-dhamma became kammic But not so, I understand. What I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2008
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      Bhikkhu Pannadharo said: "Anything that conditions is kamma."

      And he said: "conditioning abyaakata-dhamma became kammic"

      But not so, I understand.

      What I understand is as follows.

      "Anything that conditions is one of 24 patthana-cuases."

      "In Patthana, kamma is cetana (volitional activity)."

      "And, anywhere, cetana is kamma ('cetanaham bhikkhave kammam vadami.')"

      "Anything except kamma (kusala and akusala) is abyakata-dhamma."

      "Abykata-dhamma MAY be conditioned by another abyakata-dhamma; and it MAY be conditioned by kamma (kusala and akusala)."

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