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Re: [SanghaOnline] Re: about detrimental thought process

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  • pantu ladakhi
    Dear Jess its my pleasure to share my thoughts with you. yes i know that some times we make effort but there is not any result, in fact its no like that, what
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 28, 2008
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      Dear Jess
      its my pleasure to share my thoughts with you. yes i know that some times we make effort but there is not any result, in fact its no like that, what we having now is the result of what we did in past, what we are doing now is the cause for future, try to keep engage with meritorious work, we have to realise that by that the some bad situation we have to accept, when we accept some there are no any more suffering... you said its lack of patience too.. that is true. the foundation is Loving kindness and compassion.. on the base of compassion we have to practise six paramita, they are: 1,giviningness, 2, precept, 3,patience,4, effort, 5, mediation, 6, wisdom. when we arise the bodhicita with help of compassion, its help us to think about other sentient beings and by that we are easy and willing to practise six paramita, and while pact ice six parameta, others suffering is one own suffering, other happiness is one own happiness, other success is one own success. by that
      one is very happy. But one important thing is don't be attach to any feeling or object. just let it go according to cause and condition but at the same time our motivation and attitude is beneficial for others.
      good luck...keep practise..
      with metta

      Jessica <j.e.m.100805@...> wrote:
      Venerable Monk,

      Thank you for your advice/insights. Since writing my last
      message I have come to see deeper into why my negative thoughts
      arise. It is as you say because of selfish thoughts, but I also see
      that lack of patience contributes greatly. It is hard in a society
      that fosters the "I wasnt this now" or instant gratification
      lifestyle to slow down and take our time. Because i see this at work
      in my own life, I am learning to apply my efforts over a long period
      of time for best results instead of putting all my energy at once
      into the everyday things I do only to become frustrated with not a
      getting a quicker result. thus leading to giving up, thus feeling
      failure. the natural chain reaction. Patience and compassion towards
      all living things is truely the only way to break this negative
      habit. I thank you once again for your time and you thoughts.

      with metta,

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      <pantuladakhi@...> wrote:
      > Dear Jess,
      > i can understand your feeling, and this is good that you
      realise that you are looking for some thing happiness and overcome
      that kind of feeling which you have in your inner world. every one
      have one own world, which is totally different then others. Most of
      people are looking for outer to solve the problem. but that is not
      the way. if we are happy or upset its arise from our inner heart
      because of cause and condition.
      > Now i would like to mention some method according to your
      question. you have to create Bodhicita mind/ loving kindness and
      compassion to all sentient beings. depression always come from
      negative thoughts, try to think positive not only for oneself,but
      for all sentient beings, when you sit for meditation, meditate on
      happiness for all sentient beings. happy are those who work for
      others and always thinking about others. its does not mean that
      don't work for oneself dedicate you life for others. when you work
      you can think about others. if one constantly think about other that
      will bring happiness in one inner mind.
      > practise it then one realise it. other wise one know but if
      don't practise never can realise..
      > Buddha bless you
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