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977Re: [SanghaOnline] Re: Nanayana Many and Various Doctrines

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  • sam he
    Jul 13, 2006
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      Dear Ven. Pesala,

      I read your post on nanayaana for me and many others(my friend) it is very useful. It gives us direction as to how to distinguish practices that based on fact, can give immediate result and consequently need to be done and from the one that was merely of myth and bogus.


      Bhikkhu Pesala <pesala@...> wrote:
      It seems that the Mahaayaanists on E-Sangha Forum don't have a sense of
      humour. They deleted my same post there on the Nanayaana, and suspended
      my account for three days for sect-bashing (not the first time this has

      They obviously could not distinguish between the Mahaayaana and the
      Maanayaana and thought I was criticising the Mahaayaana. (~_~) Now why
      would I do that?

      What I do criticise is bogus sutras that threaten rebirth in hell if you
      do not believe in those Sutras, which they allege are the words of the
      Buddha. One can find such threats in the Mahaayaana Sutras, but I never
      came across any such threats in genuine teachings of the Buddha.

      The Buddha warned that those who hold wrong views are in danger of
      falling into hell unless they relinquish those wrong views. Those who
      slander the Buddha or virtuous monks with baseless allegations are also
      in danger of falling into hell.

      The Buddha never threatened anyone, "If you do not believe me you will
      fall into hell." On the contrary, he urged people to make a thorough
      examination of the teacher and of his teachings.

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