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932Re: born as buddhist

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  • Bhikkhu Pesala
    Nov 22, 2005
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      We don't know for sure. It depends how diligently we practise. If we
      are negligent, we may not meet Buddhism again for a very long time.

      However, we can know for sure that if we perform wholesome kamma, that
      it will give a good result at some point in the future. If we plant
      many seeds in good soil, many of them will sprout and give a crop, but
      it also depends on the weather. All the farmer can do is till the
      soil, plant the seeds, irrigate the field, and remove the weeds. It is
      not within his power to make the seeds grow. If they are good seeds
      they will grow, that is their nature.

      When we do wholesome deeds of generosity (dana), morality (sila) and
      meditation (bhavana), we should aim for nibbana, not for worldly
      prosperity, though that may naturally come as a by-product. Nibbana
      means the end of craving. We should practice Buddhism to put an end to
      craving and to gain wisdom. If we are very diligent we can attain
      nibbana in this very life. That should be our goal.

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      > Dear Venerable Monks,
      > If in this life we practice buddhism, how do we know or how can we
      be sure we will continue our practice in our next life?
      > If we haven't any stage reach any stage in our practice and we are
      just a lay buddhist how do we know for sure we will continue our
      practice in our next life?
      > Thank you for your kindness.
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