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  • Nagasena Bhikkhu
    Sep 4, 2005
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      Theravada and Mahayana's monk became separated after three hundred years of the Buddha. According to Theravada's sources, this split occurred due to the cause of Vinaya rules, (disciplinary code for the monk), rather than that of later Mahayana's concept of Buddhahood. There was a historical debate took place during this time among the disciples of the Buddha, related to whether or not the Buddha taught the philosophy of Bhava - 'being', or how a being can transmit in the Samsara (life after life) and so on. Solution seemed to have failed to reach an acceptable conclusion. Later, the scholarstic period of Abhidhamma, which mostly concerned with mind, matter and transmision in subsequent life, supposed to had been the main reason behind the split of these two schools. Subsequently, the concept of Mahayana appeared to become persistent and reached to the establishing of a new school with its new texts, concepts and practice. It took about five years to see the basic concept and
      practice of Mahayanism.

      The main purpsose of Mahayana's practice is to save the infinite beings across the Samsara before they become themeselves Buddha whereas Therava is to attain enlightenment by the practice of present Buddha's teaching and at the same time to help others to get enlightened or overcome from suffering. There are number of mystical concepts found in Mahayana practice, while Theravada keeps its practice simple, logical and experiential within this lifetime, without denying the future and the past existence. Both schools however shared common value in basic philosophy such as four noble truths etc.

      Both schools have very long history of philosophy and practice, which I cannot point out all here. Theravada school look more orthodox and monks are not allowed to work in public places even though some related Buddhist teaching at the academic institute is visible. Theravada monks are normally confined to the strict rules in the monastic life. Mahayana is rather liberal approach in their way of living life, even though some sects of Mahayana live in celibate life. They put different robes as well. Anyway, i cannot give you all details here. Try to visit Mahayana and Theravada's temple to find out by yourself - how they live.


      Sam Mccollins <sammccollins301@...> wrote:
      hello venerable sir's
      I would like to know what are the differences between Thervadin moks and Mahayana monks like rules, garb ect.

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