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  • JC Mendoza
    Apr 11, 2005
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      Dear Venerable Monk,

      Is it stated anywhere in the Tipitaka that results of kamma can be altered?And isn't Devadatta in the lowest hell realms burning for one or two aeons?
      Also I'm confused about the 3rd precept. Is it true that pre-marital sex between two consenting adults where the woman is not protected by father, mother, brother,sister, state, religion, whether a prostitute or not, is allowed? If this is so, then casual sex between two adult strangers is allowed? If so , what is the end result of this in a society? Will it be harmful or benign? And is it true that oral or anal sex even between man and wife is not allowed? Can you enlighten me on this topic esp. if you can use direct references from the Tipitaka. thanks

      Bhikkhu Pesala <pesala@...> wrote:

      I take it that you mean to ask, "Can the result of any kamma be altered
      once it has been done?"

      Yes, of course, otherwise there could be no escape from hell, since we
      have all done unwholesome deeds at some time in this life or in previous
      lives such as killing living beings, etc.

      Only the five heinous crimes give an inevitable result as rebirth in hell
      in the next existence, but even the results of these kammas can be
      mitigated by doing wholesome kammas afterwards. Devadatta tried to kill
      the Buddha, but repented on his death-bed and took refuge in the Buddha,
      Dhamma, and Sangha. As a result, he was not spared the worst hell realm.

      The Thullacaya offences are mostly partial commission of Parajika
      offences, so you will find them in the Parajika khandha, but there are
      some elsewhere in the other Vinaya books.

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