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820Re: Name and form

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  • greysteppenwolf
    Dec 10, 2004
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      --- In SanghaOnline@yahoogroups.com, "Bhikkhu Pesala" <pesala@a...>
      > What is matter, never mind!
      > What is mind, no matter!

      Dear Venerable Sir,

      I do not understand this reply. Perhaps it is a cryptic answer to a
      cryptic question. The truth is I have been experiencing altered
      states of mind periodically over the past years, (but I do not take
      intoxicants) . Sometimes, it feels like most/all intelectuality is
      gone and what's left is a vacuity, or that the naming function in the
      mind is gone or very slowed down. Or that reality is dissolving away.
      Is there a way to work with such states in meditation? (These states
      occur in normal waking hours).I am but a beginning meditator and in
      truth I would like to deal with these states better because of

      Do such states have significance in a religious sense? Is it good or
      bad karma? If it is good or bad karma, what is the cause in this life
      or previous lives? Or are they signs of a mind gone awry, an
      exhausted mind, for I also have periods of depression and racing

      Perhaps, with this information and self-disclosure, the Venerable can
      give me a clearer answer.

      May all sentient beings be well and happy.

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