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759RE: [SanghaOnline] Buddhist Memorisation Technique

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  • Sayadaw Nanda Siddhi
    Oct 1 1:57 AM
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      The memorisation technique employed by ourselves to commit to memory the
      Dhamma is mindfulness /in Pali SATI. the reason or approximate cause of sati
      is firm perception called in Pali THIRA SANNA PADATTHANA. TO get firm
      perception we make repeating many time.
      Ven. Ananda was one of disciples who has the best mindfulness.
      With metta,

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      >Subject: [SanghaOnline] Buddhist Memorisation Technique
      >Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 03:13:36 -0000
      >Dear Bhantes,
      >What is the memorisation technique employed by yourselves to commit
      >to memory all the suttas and chants? Ven Ananda was famous for his
      >phenomenal memory, and I believe the Buddha commented that
      >his 'secret' lay in the subjugation of the Five Hindrances.
      >The mnemonic techniques stemming from the ancient Greeks rely on
      >using all the five senses and other methods to visualise, associate
      >and somehow make interesting the object to be recalled.
      >With metta

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