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563RE: [SanghaOnline] Hi, Im new here and a question...

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  • Sayadaw Nanda Siddhi
    Feb 5, 2004
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      Dear Bill,
      Let me try to mention a bit of your concern.
      The level of the attainment of the Enlightenment could be known by the way
      of how does one practise on his life. There are defilements, which have been
      eradicated by the attainment of the Enlightenment.
      For first state of attainment, Wrong View and Doubt are totally eradicated,
      that person can be called Sotapanna . Second state of attainment, all of the
      defilements is subsidized to get lower gauge, that person can be called
      Sakadagami. In the third state of the attainment sensual desire and anger
      are totally eradicated that person can be called Anagami. In the final state
      of the attainment of the Enlightenment, all the defilement are totally
      eradicated that person can be called Araham who has no more any defilement.
      Let say a person says he is first state of attainment as Sotapanna, we can
      concern about that whether he still has wrong view and doubts. If clear it
      is possible. Let say you practice your self you think you attain any level
      of the Enlightenment, you can check yourself whether there are eradicated
      defilements still get or not. For example after attainment of the 3rd state
      still get angry, that means your attainment is not real or true.
      These Dhamma Theory are inside the book, which you have. You can learn
      slowly. Learn the Dhamma must take your time. Read, think, analyze. If
      satisfy then accept it. If it is not satisfying some more need to learn and
      With metta,

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      >Subject: [SanghaOnline] Hi, Im new here and a question...
      >Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 05:27:07 -0000
      >Dear Venerable Monks,
      >I just wanted to say hello, introduce myself, express my gratitude
      >to the organizers of the list and ask a question.
      >I'm Bill Gray, a 41 year old AfroAmerican man currently living in New
      >Zealand and practicing Buddhist for 13 years.
      >I started off in the Nichiren Shu traditon and recently migrated
      >over to the Theravada. I'm glad I made the switch.
      >I'd also like to express my gratitude to the panel of monks for being
      >involved in the list. Thank you all very much.
      >Now, on to the question. How does one accurately guage one's level of
      >attainment along the path to Enlightenment?
      >I am currently awaiting the arrival of a copy of Bhadantacariya
      >Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga, the Path of Purification which may help to
      >answer the question, but until then I would appreciate an answer from one
      >of the Venerables.
      >Please don't confuse the frequent use of the word "I" as a clinging to
      >self. I, yes that word again, use it for expedient conversation.
      >May you all be happy and well,

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