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  • Bhikkhu Pesala
    Aug 8, 2003
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      >> There is no Creator according to Buddhism, so are we just like part
      of this "thing" where we came from, are we just part of it? If we are not
      individuals, unique souls, do we stop being ourselves, like reasoning,
      being aware of things when we die? Do we go back to this "thing"
      when we die? <<

      The idea of a person or being, self or soul, is an illusion. Since it is not
      real, thinking in the wrong way will only lead to greater confusion: "Do
      exist?" "Do in not exist?" "Where did I come from?" "Where will I go
      after death?" "If I attain nibbana, will I cease to exist?" All such thoughts
      are based on a false hypothesis that "I" is some real and substantial

      >> How come gurus like Yogananda and many others talk about a
      loving God? I think different people perceive this differently, maybe
      according to their level of espirituality. Am I right? <<

      The God belief is bound up with the soul belief. They are both wrong
      views according to Buddhism. Reliance on an imagined Creator God is
      no better than reliance on an imagined self or soul. One should let go of
      these ideas and rely only on Dhamma - on what one can verify by
      personal experience.

      >> It seems to me that suffering will always be around, even if we reach
      enligthment there will be others experiencing suffering somewhere. Is
      that right? If it is, that is really disturbing... Honestly, I feel confused and
      soooo lonely. It was convenient to believe that there was "somebody"
      up there watching over me, and now I think I was just mistaken. <<

      Suffering will be around as long as craving and igorance are around.
      When we let go of our craving or dispel our ignorance regarding any
      matter - pop - our suffering vanishes right there and then. The trouble is
      we still have plenty more craving and ignorance to give rise to suffering
      again in the future. So we have to eradicate them from the root with
      deep insight.

      >> I really want to know, to learn. I'm reading about Buddhism, I started
      to meditate (although it's pretty difficult to me yet) and I decided to eat
      vegetarian for at least one day a week. As I said, I got to a point in life
      where I want to be a better person, I want to learn and I crave for it, but
      maybe I am just too stupid to understand Buddhism... <<

      Trying to be a better person is a lot of suffering. It is better to accept
      oneself as one is first, then there won't be any extra suffering, just the
      usual stuff like getting old, paying the rent, dealing with the world in
      general. We can learn from suffering if we stop trying to avoid it.

      Only stupid people can understand Buddhism. The "wise" ones are
      really lost and hopeless. To get rid of the stupid defilements like lust,
      anger, stubborness, etc., we have to be clever, but to get rid of the
      clever defilements like pride, conceit, arrogance, etc., we have to be a
      bit more stupid.
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