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432Question about Buddha and vipassana

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  • Benoit Santerre
    Aug 6, 2003
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      Dear venerable Sayadaws,
      Although the Buddha explains often how to do vipassana
      in the suttas, when he discuss his own meditations on
      the night of his attainment of liberation, he says as
      follow: First he attained the fourth jhana. Then he
      recollected his past lives. Then he saw the law of
      kamma and how other beings are reborn according to
      their deeds. And finally, he says, he directed his
      mind to the destruction of the taints and attained
      liberation. In this last part of the meditation, did
      he literally destroy the taints just by looking at
      them? Or did he go through the standard stages of
      vipassana-nana (insight knowledges)?
      I am wondering if those who take the way of jhana
      actually do go (after attaining the jhanas) through
      the same stages of insight just like the dry-insight
      worker (vipassana-yanika).
      Thank you and deep bows to the Tripple Gem,

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