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402Questions about Rebirth

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  • John H. McDonald
    Jul 30, 2003
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      Dear Ven. Sirs,

      I have one question that I have not been able to resolve concerning
      rebirth. From reading some of the posts, I understand that rebirth is
      not the same as reincarnation. I have also read Walpola Rahula's book
      "What The Buddha Taught" where he deals with rebirth (pp. 33), but
      this one section is very unclear. Is rebirth a continuation of our
      karma (kamma-phala or kamma-vipaka)? If so, this would be logical. I
      am obviously new to buddhist thought, but I find the concept of
      rebirth as explained thus far to be a stubling block and would
      appreciate your enlightened reply.

      Thank you for your kind attention,

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