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38Re: [SanghaOnline] Breathe in and out

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  • Khammai Dhammasami
    Mar 7, 2002
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      Dear Benoit,

      The text describes but one experience. For people who are not yet familiar with
      a particular "spot" in their nostril while breathing in and out, it is alright,
      too, just to be aware of the in and out breating, without localising the

      The ability to localise a spot comes as a result of concentrated mind. There
      are some who do not even feel their breath, for them counting the breath is
      encouraged. This practice though seems just like focussing on breathing like any
      other anapana practice, it in fact, helps the person to focus on the number
      and later build up on that concentration.

      For many reasons, in and out breathing may not be balanced in size, length
      and force. But we do not need to worry about it. We only need to apply
      mindfulness to the in and out generally. The rest will follow.

      These are, after all, techniques, which are not an end in themselves. There is
      a time when a meditator needs no technique. Before that, we have to follow a
      certain technique but try not to be very rigid about it. It is there only to help, not an achievement itself.

      with Metta,

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