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1307Re: [SanghaOnline] Re: Anger / loving kindness

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  • Dr Khammai Dhammasami
    May 1, 2012
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      No problem. Just adopt a comfortable posture.
      With metta
      Ven Dhammasami 

      On 1 May 2012, at 22:56, "cammack51" <cammack@...> wrote:


      Dear Venerable Dhammasami

      I have been reading your book - I have to go over parts of it several times to be sure I understand it - But there are many things I am still not sure of. For instance:

      Most of my life I have suffered from arthritis and now, in my seventies I have quite a lot of arthrosis in my hips and the joints of my legs. For this reason I find it quite impossible to adopt anything resembling the usual sitting meditation position. In my morning meditation, which I do every day as soon as I wake - OK, I do miss sometimes! - I usually sit on a chair in the dark of my bedroom.
      This way I have very pain, usually no more than an itchy face or a twitch in a leg.

      Is it all right to use this sitting position?

      With loving kindness



      --- In SanghaOnline@yahoogroups.com, Khammai Dhammasami <oxford.k.dhammasami@...> wrote:
      > Dear Robert,
      > Please refer to my book "Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy" which has a
      > chapter
      > on metta. You can google it. I paste it below also.
      > With metta
      > Ven. Dhammasami
      > .....................

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