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1295How do you call the head of the nunnery?

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  • Pyait_Pyait
    Aug 15, 2011
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      My name is Pyait Pyait. I am from Myanmar and I worked at an international school in Yangon. I am very glad to find this question and answer section from  http://www.thisismyanmar.com/nibbana/    page on internet.

      I am currently volunteering at a Buddhist nunnery to teach basic English to the nuns. I'd like to know what's the proper term  to call the head of the nunnery in English? For example, I was thinking the head of the nunnery can be called Abbess? or Reverend Mother? I thought they sound a bit like Christian. Is there a vocabulary for Head of the Buddhist nunnery?  And are there any other terms I should know in English regarding the Buddhist nunnery?

      Your answer will be greatly appreciated. I don't want to make a mistake when teaching English to the nuns.

      Pyait Pyait
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