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1260Re: [SanghaOnline] Sabbacitta-saadhaara.na cetasikas

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  • Ashin Acara
    Aug 2, 2009
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      Dear Dr Han Tun,
      - The seven cetasikas associate with all cittas including bhavanga citta.
      - Citta and vinnana are synonyms to one another.
      With Metta,

      2009/8/1 han tun <hantun1@...>

      Venerable Bhantes,

      In Abhidhamma, under cetasikas, it is stated that Sabbacitta-saadhaara.na cetasikas (Essential or Primary Ones) which consist of phassa, vedanaa, sa~n~naa, cetanaa, ekaggataa, jiivitindriya, and manasikaara, associate collectively with all cittas.

      My question, sir, is do these seven cetasikas also associate with bhavanga-citta?

      I would also be grateful if you would kindly let me know the difference between citta and vi~n~naa.na.

      Dr Han Tun

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