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1223retentive procedure

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  • Wasantha Wewalaarachchi
    Nov 5 1:39 AM
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      Dear Ven sirs,

      I have a problem understanding this “procedure of retention”. So if a person whose rebirth consciousness is accompanied by pleasure then after the javana having displeasure why can’t he have upekkha tadalambana (indifference retentive) and then somanassa bhavanga? Why he cannot have any retentive thoughts moments? In that case nothing register in the mind?

       I have  copied the text from ven Narada chapter 4 for your information below.

      Chapter 4, Procedure of retention , Ven Narada

      at the end of javanas, accompanied by displeasure, the retentive thought-moments and the bhavangas are also accompanied by indifference. Hence to one whose rebirth-consciousness is accompanied by pleasure, at the end of javanas, accompanied by displeasure, retentive

      thought-moments do not arise. Then, there arises an investigating consciousness, accompanied by indifference, hanging on to some sense-object with which one is familiar before. Immediately after, the teachers say, there is subsidence into the life-continuum.


      May you all live well and happy always