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113Re: [SanghaOnline] No-Soul or Reincarnation?

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  • ZaoMilinda Bhikkhu
    Jul 16, 2002
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      Dear questioner,

      It is clear in Buddhist text mentioning regarding the cycle of life or
      life consists of four mental faculties - Nama and the four elements - Rupa.
      Rupa - Matter consisting four elements; solidity, fluidy, heat and motion.
      Vedana - sensations of feeling.
      Sanna - perceptions or identification.
      Sankhara - Mental formation or mental tendencies.
      Vinna - Consciousness-mental energy, combined with the preceding three
      mental faculties and six sense objects.
      According the Buddha's teaching a being is composed only these five
      Aggregates, and no more.

      To be clearly for you, here is the Dependent
      Origination(Paticcasamuppada) in a brief how life, indivdual arises,
      exists and continues:
      01. Through ignorance are conditioned volitional action or
      02. Through volitional action is conditioned consciousness.
      03. Through consciousness is conditioned mental and physical phenomena.
      04. Through mental and physical phenomena are conditioned the six
      faculties (five physical sense-organs and mind).
      05. Through the six faculties is conditioned (sensorial and
      06. Through contact is conditioned sensation.
      07. Through sensation is conditioned desire, thirst.
      08. Through desire is conditioned clinging.
      09. Through clinging is conditioned the process of becoming.
      10. Through the process of becoming is conditioned birth.
      11. Through birth are conditioned decay, death, lamentation, pain etc

      That's why we are not depending on soul, we cannot see any soul either.
      You may imagine that when you take a photo without your soul also you
      will get your picture and when you take a flower, you can get its smell
      and not see any soul in it.


      Ven. Milinda


      On Tue, 09 Jul 2002 12:32:09 -0000 "dwlemen" <dwlemen@...> writes:
      > Venerable Sirs,
      > It is my understanding that the Buddha taught that the idea of Soul
      > or
      > Self (Atman) does not exist. And yet, I see numerous cases where a
      > specific person is considered to have reincarnated. How does an
      > individual return if there is no self?

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