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1097Re: to Ven. Nagasena or to Ven. Nanda Siddhi

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  • Bhikkhu Pesala
    Aug 6, 2007
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      --- In SanghaOnline@yahoogroups.com, "dragoslak" <dragoslak@...> wrote:
      > There is a problem.I can not start to practice Dhamma.
      > I rather love to read about Buddha, his disciples - especially love
      > Ananda and Sariputta,study various historical events like Buddhist
      > Councils,controversy regarding Devadatta etc.
      > How can I resolve this problem? Start to practice/not just read.

      There are many who disparage study and book knowledge, but practice
      without a proper understanding is unwise. Study, practice, and
      realisation are all necessary. Realisation can only come about through
      correct and diligent practice. If you have a good teacher, then you can
      practice without much study. If not, you will need to study much more to
      ensure that you are practising correctly.

      > Also, I can understand that there is no atman or supreme God yet I can
      > not to accept it in full.

      "Only seeing is believing," as the saying goes. If one gains insight
      knowledge through the correct and diligent practise of mindfulness then all
      doubts will be dispelled. Reading books and watching films about life in a
      foreign country like Burma cannot compare with travelling to that country
      and living there for some time. Reading menus and cookery books cannot
      compare with eating delicious food.

      > I love Buddha's sayings "be a teacher to yourself, who else can be
      > and at the same time I hope for some kind of help from someone else
      > which is contradictory.

      The Buddha also said that he was someone who only showed the way. You
      yourself have to walk on the path. No one can do that for you. However, a
      teacher should be sought out who can show you the way. Without a teacher,
      progress will be very slow and uncertain. The best teacher is a Noble One
      who has realised nibbana for himself or herself. Failing that, someone
      with a good knowledge of the Tipitaka is second best. As a last resort one
      will have to study the Tipitaka oneself, and be one's own teacher.

      I don't know what the situation is in Serbia. Are there any Buddhist monks
      or meditation centres there? Probably you would have to travel to a
      Buddhist country to stay in a meditation centre for some time.
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