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1043Seven Chakras and Vipassana

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  • mettadistributor
    Feb 3, 2007
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      Dear Venerable monks,

      Is there any connection between Seven Chakras (energy centers) and
      Vipassana? Seven Chakras have been mentioned in Hindu Meditation (for
      example, Kriya Yoga) and some of western spiritual books (for example,
      Anatomy of Spirit by Caroline Myss). By Kriya Yoga, the Kundalini
      energy can be invoked and raised towards all seven chakras for one's
      purification and spiritual attainment.

      Is there any relation between Vipassana and Seven Chakras. Is there
      any instances of Seven Chakras mentioned in Tipitaka? Or Can
      Vipassana provide Kundalini energy?

      Yours sincerely,