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1021Re: Digest Number 570

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  • Phil
    Dec 9, 2006
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      Dear Ven. Upatissa and all

      > I would love to see the response to this email!

      Thank you. No hurry, though. Since I am a beginner by the time I
      ask one question, another one has popped up. It's good for me to
      learn patience.

      > > I have listened to talks, and have heard some things about
      > > a noting of touch (perhaps feet on floor, or bottom on cushion)
      as a
      > > third note to discourage mind from wandering between noting of
      > > rising and falling of the abdomen.

      One thing I have come across recently is that there is a very
      natural point of rest between the rising and falling, when the
      abdomen has contracted and there is a slight sense of tension around
      the navel before the next breath comes. I find that's a helpful
      point to note. I note rising - falling -rest- rising- falling -rest.
      It's also interesting to note how the next breath starts without any
      control on my part - it just happens - anatta. But I have never
      heard this point of rest between in and out breath mentionned as a
      possible object of attention so I think I am off-mark.

      I am happy to wait for any feedback, very grateful for the
      opportunity to be in touch with venerable monks.

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