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1Significance of Sleep in Theravada Buddhism

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  • pothudaw@yahoo.com
    Jul 1, 2001
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      Dear Venerable Monks or Sayadaws,

      'Sleep' seems to be a black hole to us. We don't see what is
      happening there. Is the mind still active? Is any kamma generated
      while in deep sleep or while dreaming? May I have your expert opinion
      about Sleep and Dreams from Theravadin point of view?

      With Regards,

      Po Thu Daw
      Organiser's Message;

      This is the first question to the Venerable Monks who are requested to give the answer to the Group, but only if they wish to do so. The answers from the monks on the Panel are not moderated at all. (We have only two monks, Ven. Dhammasami and Ven. Bodhidhamma on the Panel for the moment.)

      The lay members of the Group should not reply nor send answers to this posting. They may post if they wish to ask additional questions on the same issues. The usual rules on Moderation apply. If you don't wish to receive messages sent to your mail box, you can choose other delivery options.
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