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Getting a used DX 440 calibrated on frequency

I just purchased a used 440 on ebay in excellent shape. It's just a little off frequency. Is there a control screw inside the radio where I could set the BFO
Mar 19

Re: FS DX 440 in very good shape everything works.

Yes, please post photos when you can.
Mar 19

FS DX 440 in very good shape everything works.

A well used but well taken care of DX 440. Will provide photos and video of the radio working DX. I will list on ebay for 75 dollars but will sell to a
Mar 18

Positive and Negative Ground Conflict

Thank you to all that responded to my question.   Getting a little bit confused here.  Craig indicated that the radio and the loop antenna circuit both have
Russ Baron
Feb 27

Re: Positive and Negative Ground conflict?

NO! The DX-440 has a POSITIVE ground. The loop has a NEGATIVE ground. You cannot use the same power supply for both! Joe-WA9LAE
Feb 26

Re: Positive and Negative Ground conflict?

Russ, Looking at the loop antenna schematic, there should be no problem. Both the radio and loop share a common negative ground, plus the 10n cap coming off
Feb 26

Re: Positive and Negative Ground conflict?

I wish I could answer your question but I have no experience in that. But welcome anyway and enjoy the forum and the info in the archives.Greg On Sunday,
Greg Caspers
Feb 25

Positive and Negative Ground conflict?

Hello All, I am new here.  I recently inherited a DX440 that I had given my Father in the early 1990's.  I am pretty much a novice when it comes to radios. 
Russ Baron
Feb 22

RF GAIN working on MW Band?

Hi, OK, I asked about this some time ago with no reply. Maybe one of the engineers here can take a quick look at the schematic and see if they can help. I
Feb 12

New file uploaded to Sangean803

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the Sangean803 group. File : /Speaker
Feb 6

Re: mint condition 803 on ebay

While anything will age in 25 years (I certainly have) the conditions of that storage have a lot to do whether a NIB radio is worth a premium over the going
Feb 6

Re: mint condition 803 on ebay

Hi, Actually after reading the Passport review on the 803 available in the files section, it states that in 1988 some changes were made to the original 803
Feb 5

Re: mint condition 803 on ebay

I realized after I posted my message that the radio in listing is a straight 803, not the 803a which this group is all about. My own radio I mentioned is a
Feb 5

Re: mint condition 803 on ebay

HI, I was looking at the auction you mentioned. The radio and box is shown as a Sangean 803 but the radio listed actually has a wide/narrow feature. Why is
Feb 4

Re: mint condition 803 on ebay

It's a (bit overblown from my POV) point of contention in vintage hi-fi groups/communities.   There are people (who are plying their restoration trade and
Rick Price
Feb 4
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