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3812Re: [Sangean803] TV RFI

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  • josephrot
    May 15, 2014

      Well stated!

      I was at an R & D facility late 2013, and saw a "commonly available brand" of plasma TV being tested, shielded, tested again, heck, more shielding tried, then shielding on the screen was tried too...and after the picture was "shielding degraded", the RFI was still there, and testing showed MAYBE 10% less generated-into-the-wild RFI / EMI.

      The facility eventually essentially threw their hands up -- grin, and literally threatened to place said plasma TV on the nearby Interstate(!) -- and reported back to the plasma's manufacturer to "...redesign your plasma products for LED displays and move on to that platform as soon as prudently possible."

      Plasma seems more an "electronic terror instrument" than it is a tool for viewing.

      LED and OLED thankfully are already strong and/or coming on strong.


      Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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