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3799DX440 with display woes dead again -

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  • coffee_experts
    Apr 18, 2014
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      I did not find the intermittent connection but I did do a pretty complete take apart of the DX440 -

      The toughest part was the flimsy multi-pin interconnect cables - particularly the short one with with about 10 contacts on it that has to bent in a pretty tight angle to reunite it with its connector on the display board.

      I actually had to cut the ribbon cable into 4 separate sections to reunite the cable with its mate -- 3 wires at a time because I simply could not do all of them at once.

      So - after an hour or so of surgery and putting it all back together, it is exactly as I started -- less a fully functional display but functioning none the less.
      It is not an often used receiver at all (it is well behind the Drake R8, the Kenwood R2000, the Eton E1 and all the others in generally daily use - normally it sits on the display shelf month after month - so that is where it will likely stay permanently now.

      Thank you for all your help people! This is a great group supporting a radio that was well used in the 80's.

      Many say: "Why did we not have a great radio like this in the 60's and the 70's?" Well, until the phase lock loop was invented and integrated into the likes of the Barlow Wadley XCR-30 (I have one of those too! Fully functional) - there could be no affordable digital radios.

      73 everyone!