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3746Powerup/display issue resolved.

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  • garyrabbitt
    Feb 13, 2014
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      Thanks for adding me to the group! I have owned an AT803 for many years. Justt oday, I heard the receiver turn on, andthe display was jibberish. I tried to power down, it would not. Remove AC adapter, restart, install new backup batteries, no go. Still jibberish on the display. I removed the back and discovered the adapter jack has one terminal loose on the board. I was not sure this was the cause, ad I was moving it when I was trying to power up the radio.
      I resoldered the terminal, and the other two to make sure. That solved the powerup/display issue, and all is working fine now. I am so relieved it was not something more difficult to diagnose. I hope this helps others that might have the same symptoms, and can make the quick check of the solder joint on the adapter plug.
      Take care, Gary Rabbitt.