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  • toptyp19
    Nov 6, 2013

      Interference can be a funny bird. Years ago (70's) I had an elderly

      friend who loved to watch the local (Chicago) religious stations on

      UHF TV. Since this was before cable and all that stuff she had the

      circular loop mounted on the terminals at the back of the set. She had

      severe cross-hatching across the face of the set but only on the UHF

      channel that she most wanted to watch. I went through her apartment

      room by room shutting down and unplugging everything. Finally, in the

      dining room (same room as the TV) I shut off the chandelier above the

      table and the interference disappeared. One by one I unscrewed the

      individual incandescent bulbs until the interference was gone! I had

      never known that a single malfunctioning filament could oscillate at a

      UHF TV frequency! I learned something that day that obviously I've

      never forgotten!


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      If you have any compact floursent bulbs in the home that will give a buzz

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      On Nov 6, 2013, at 7:55 AM, <jjarratt1@...> wrote:

      First, you have to determine the source of the buzz. If you are  using an adapter, try batteries.  If that isn't it, then its probably (although not always) coming from a source in your home. A quick check for this is to temporarily shutdown the power in your place at the breaker box. If the buzz stops, then one by one, turn on one breaker at a time. When the noise returns, look at what is on that line. Could be any of a multitude of  things from  Led lights to digital clocks.  

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      Does anyone know how to alleviate that annoying buzzing sound when using AM at night?

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