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3734RE: Buzzzing sound

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  • rgorsch
    Nov 5, 2013

       In my experience this has always been the result of all the RFI we surround ourselves with, what with our dimmers and our computers and our televisions and so forth.  It is always worse on the lower part of the AM  band.

      The only solutions I have found have been:  use batteries instead of AC power; use an outdoor antenna instead of the internal ferrite antenna, if possible (my Grundig G5 allows that); rotate the receiver, if you are using the internal ferrite antenna, to minimize the buzz; use a portable receiver as a buzz-detector and figure out which household device is primarily responsible.   I have also found that the Kestrel W31MS loop antenna that I obtained from China (there is a Degen equivalent and, I think, others) when switched to MW does a great job of eliminating local RFI and cleaning up reception of the AM/MW band.  This loop antenna completely conquers the nasty noises emitted by my desktop computer five feet away.

      You have to experiment.

      ---In Sangean803@yahoogroups.com, <emann9@...> wrote:

      Does anyone know how to alleviate that annoying buzzing sound when using AM at night?

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