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3726RE: New DX-440 owner

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  • swlchris2004
    Oct 29, 2013
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      Hi Curt,

      They are really really good radios for the money and I can tell you they hear a lot too. Put a good outdoor antenna up  like a 21 ft vertical or a 80 ft longwire and you can hear stations like RTM Sarawak on it  ! I did.. back in the 90s early 2000's.

      I got another one after my  older 803a bit the dust somewhere. Now using it  on some decent catches,.


      Dxing in Maryland

      ---In Sangean803@yahoogroups.com, <sangean803@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I really like my DX-440. I picked one after a cup of coffee with the previous owner. Other than my Ham gear these days, all of my portable SW equipment is non-SSB. I paid $40 and asked if it worked. After some research, I did a quick sensitivity adjustment. I have been using it on SSB (80 through 20 meters.) Nice old radio. It took me a little slice of time to figure out the rf gain. All in all I seriously like this radio. Going up to my bedroom to listen to it now.

      Curt Yowell
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