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    NEW SONGWRITING CLASS STARTING! TUESDAYS starting January 26th for 10 weeks from 7:30 – 10PM Learn this highly acclaimed step-by-step method of getting to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2010

      TUESDAYS starting January 26th for 10 weeks from 7:30 – 10PM

      Learn this highly acclaimed step-by-step method of getting to the next level in your songwriting.

      Harriet Schock is a renowned songwriter and teacher of songwriting as well as a consultant to songwriters all over the world. She teaches a step-by-step method that enables songwriters to become remarkable at writing songs -- songs that touch people emotionally. And Harriet doesn't simply coach a student through the writing of one song. She teaches a technique that students can use now and in the future to make every single song the very best it can be. Every muscle of songwriting gets exercised.

      The ten-week course consists of lessons, which create a solid foundation for writing songs effortlessly. Problems such as beginning a song and not knowing how to finish it, unclear or illogical lyrics, lack of response from listeners, weak melody, less than compelling harmony, and other difficulties, such as writer's block, that can plague songwriters seem to vanish when a writer uses the system taught in Harriet's course. Harriet has taught classes for USC, the Songwriters Guild of America, and Nashville Songwriters Association International.

      Harriet Schock is a gold and platinum songwriter/recording artist whose songs have been recorded by numerous artists, nominated for a Grammy and used in films. Her fourth, fifth and sixth solo CDs, "American Romance," "Rosebud" and "Harriet Schock Live" are in current release, as well as her book, BECOMING REMARKABLE: For Songwriters and Those Who Love Songs, published by Blue Dolphin. Harriet's upcoming CD "Breakdown On Memory Lane" will be released this year. She wrote all the music for Henry Jaglom's film, "Going Shopping" and scored his film, "Hollywood Dreams."

      On June 19th, the Jaglom film, "Irene In Time" was released for which Harriet wrote four songs and performs them with her band on camera. It has played around the country and in L.A. for 8 months and is still playing. She wrote the songs for Karen Black's play, "Missouri Waltz" which opened in September in Macon, Georgia, after a six-week run in Hollywood. Jeannie Kendall recorded two of Harriet's songs, one of which ("You Just Don't Get Me, Do You?") was nominated for AC/Hot AC Single of the Year by New Music Weekly magazine in 2006.

      She also co-wrote the theme song for the multi Emmy-award winning series, "Jakers!" Currently, she's acting in a world-premiering play, "Just 45 Minutes from Broadway," by Henry Jaglom, starring Tanna Frederick and an all-star ensemble cast. As well as performing worldwide, Harriet Schock speaks, teaches and consults in person and via the Internet.

      She teaches an in-person 10-week class and a correspondence course in songwriting to writers all over the world. She is also available for private consultation. For further information about her book, CDs, concerts, online courses, classes or consultation, go to http://harrietschock.com, or call (323) 934-5691.

      Recent testimonials:

      "I have been in Harriet's class for several years now, and have finished 18 songs in the class. These songs would not exist without this amazing class, which uses Harriet's excellent step-by-step method to go from your original idea to a finished song, words and music. She helps each student to complete each step along the way. My favorite part is seeing each student's project proceed to a finished song, whether a beginner or an advanced songwriter. Each student brings a unique talent to the class, and his or her own special way of seeing the world. This is the class where you can explore your ideas and create a song that is your own unique voice. I always learn a lot, as Harriet really knows the craft and can guide any song project along, step by step."
      Michelle Krell Malone

      "Harriet's class has not only opened my eyes to what songwriting really is, but has brought my songwriting to new levels. By using her process of steps, it guides you and gives you tools needed to create an effective and successful song. You get to decide the things you write about, using new and different techniques. In the end you get something you never thought you could write, straight from the heart."
      Tori Skene

      "I had no idea how to approach song writing when I signed up for this course. Harriet showed me the tools to begin this process, and as a result I don't feel so overwhelmed and frightened of the process anymore, instead I feel it has freed me to play & create... Thank you Harriet:)"
      yasmina chirazi

      Harriet Schock, a remarkable teacher, is witty, insightful, trusting, direct and sensitive. She knows that songwriting should not start from square zero. There really is a method and a first step. Like me, you'll be touched by your own song and what she's able to bring out of you. And that's a good thing.
      -Carl Protho

      "Harriet Schock's class can at first be a bit of a shock, I remember spilling out my guts out all over the table and crying trying to make sense of my feelings. Luckily for the other writers, little by little I learned to express myself more clearly and to communicate these emotions to the audience rather than to just expose myself. Having been raised in France and gone mostly to French schools and having spoken English only at home, I had no idea I could write lyrics. Harriet's gentle encouragements and contagious enthusiasm helped me gain confidence. I am now hooked on this songwriting class, where I have met many talented collaborators and friends, I recommend this experience to any songwriter who is serious about his or her art."
      - Edward Auslender

      "I love Harriet Schock's songwriting class. It's what I most look forward to every week. There are always wonderfully talented people there, and Harriet has a way of guiding you through her remarkable "steps" so you're guaranteed to end up with a song you're proud of and that people will understand and want to hear again. My new CD, "A Place in the Sun," is almost entirely songs I wrote in her class. "
      - Tracy Newman (Co-creator of the ABC/TV comedy series, "According to Jim")

      "I have really expanded my melody writing. I used to be limited to writing in one genre and as a result of studying with Harriet, my melodies have improved greatly. I've learned a lot about the rhythm of the melody, prosody, etc. Now my lyrics ride smoothly on really good melodies and collaborators are consulting me to write melodies for them. How cool is that? Take Harriet's class. It exercises every muscle of songwriting in an environment that is supportive, challenging and fun with an amazing group of writers."
      - Andrea Ross-Greene

      Take advantage of the class at the discounted price of $345. If you do not already own Harriet Schock's book/CD package "Becoming Remarkable/Rosebud" you will be required to purchase it at the first class.

      Space is limited. Call Harriet at (323) 934-5691 to reserve your place and get directions. MC, Visa, AMEX, Discover accepted.

      Harriet also teaches an online songwriting course for those who don't live near L.A.

      To be removed, please hit reply and return this coded email in its entirety and request removal. Thanks.
      Harriet Schock
      323 934-5691
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