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San Diego NSAI Braheny Workshop & House Concert Sat. 11/21/09

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  • pianopress2001
    San Diego NSAI Special Event Workshop & House Concert The Craft and Business of Songwriting with John and JoAnn Braheny! When: Saturday, November 21, 2009
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2009
      San Diego NSAI Special Event Workshop & House Concert
      The Craft and Business of Songwriting with John and JoAnn Braheny!

      Saturday, November 21, 2009
      1-5pm Workshop w/John and JoAnn Braheny
      5-7pm Dinner Break (on your own at any of the great neighborhood restaurants)
      7-9pm House Concert w/Dessert hosted by Sweet Joyce Ann

      John Lane's Studio
      10485 Viacha Drive
      San Diego, CA 92124

      INFO: 619-884-1401 (Liz)

      THE CRAFT AND BUSINESS OF SONGWRITING by John Braheny http://johnbraheny.com/
      (Click for BIO)
      CAREER PATH PATTERNS by JoAnn Braheny http://goosingyourmuse.com/ (Click for

      Cost (includes workshop and house concert):
      $25 NSAI Members
      $35 Non-Members

      House Concert Only:
      $5 NSAI Members and Kids 12 and Under
      $10 Non-Members

      Please RSVP to lizaxford@...
      or (619)884-1401


      Send check made out to:
      Nashville Songwriters Association International
      c/o Liz Axford
      PO Box 85
      Del Mar, CA 92014-0085

      Note: John Braheny will be available for scheduled CONSULTATIONS while in San
      Diego. Consulting fee is $125 per hour. Schedule will be available at the
      seminar. To schedule, e-mail John@...

      JOHN BRAHENY (Bra HAY nee) is a highly sought after consultant and coach for
      songwriters and writer-performers ranging from beginners to major label artists
      and music companies such as Taxi.com, the world's leading independent A&R
      company. He is one of the most recognized and respected people in the music
      industry, and, more specifically, in the songwriting community. The author of
      The Craft and Business of Songwriting, he is referred to as "the songwriter's
      best friend" for his tireless efforts to create education and discovery
      opportunities for songwriters, to help bring public attention to songwriting as
      an art form and to champion songwriters' rights. He offers constructive song
      critiques and career strategies. He's taught songwriting and music business
      courses and seminars throughout the U.S and Canada and along with being a total
      information freak, he continues to update his information via participation in
      industry organizations. http://johnbraheny.com/

      JOANN BRAHENY is a career counselor and consultant for creative people, i.e.,
      songwriters/musicians, performers, graphic artists, designers, actors, etc. She
      also offers workshops for schools and companies who are interested in furthering
      team-building and innovating new products and services. She offers private
      consultations in person, by phone, or online video/audio via Skype.com. A
      unique resource, she is best at guiding and supporting creative individuals on
      their career path(s). She's a well-traveled networker with extensive outreach, a
      sought-after guest speaker, engaging teacher, and a fun leader for retreats and
      workshops, especially where creativity, brain-storming and collaboration are
      featured. http://goosingyourmuse.com/


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