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Play for Publishers Workshop in Nashville

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  • pianopress2001
    Applications are open now through Sept 14th for PLAY FOR PUBLISHERS a Barbara Cloyd Songwriting Workshop THURS OCT 22 through SAT OCT 24 to be held at THE
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 3, 2009
      Applications are open now through Sept 14th for

      a Barbara Cloyd Songwriting Workshop

      THURS OCT 22 through SAT OCT 24
      to be held at
      Scott Gunter - Universal Publishing
      Mike Doyle - Major Bob Music
      Shane Barrett - ole Music
      Freeman Wizer - Universal Publishing
      Nate Lowery - Cornman Music
      and one more publisher TBA
      (See publishers bios at www.barbaracloyd.com/workshops.htm)

      This three-day event is for songwriters with a desire to write for the commercial Country market. Writers are invited to apply (see details below) and sixteen applicants will be selected for their originality, creativity and craftsmanship. These writers will have a chance to be heard by six established publishers - successful professionals who get songs cut by major-label artists and sign staff writers. They are not paid for their time - they are there because they are genuinely interested in finding talented new writers.

      During the workshop there are three different listening sessions, each attended by two of the publishers. The sixteen writers selected present one song at each session (live or a recording), and the group listens to the publishers and Barbara give feedback on the craft and commercial potential of the writing.

      This gives every writer who is selected a chance to spark the interest of six different publishers, and, equally important, by listening to the feedback on all the songs, it gives them valuable insight into what qualities a song needs to have in order to get cut. The workshop also introduces the participants to other talented writers who are serious about their careers.

      To add to the experience, those who want to can play at R'ichard's Cafe, a popular local music venue, and attend a show with hit writers at The Bluebird Cafe.

      Writers who are not selected to present songs to publishers are invited to attend and audit the workshop. Auditors participate in every way except to play songs for publishers. On the last day of the workshop there will be time for each auditor to present a song to the group and get feedback from Barbara and the other participants.

      The deadline is MON. SEPT. 14th.

      To apply send -
      1. Three songs
      2. Lyrics
      3. Contact info including phone number and email address
      4. A $15 non-refundable application fee

      If applying by mail:
      1. The songs on CD or cassette (If possible, put all three songs on one CD or cassette.)
      2. Lyric sheets
      3. Your phone number and email address (use street address if you don't have email.)
      4. Check or money order

      Mail to:
      Barbara Cloyd's Songwriting Workshop
      PO Box 121497
      Nashville TN 37212

      Please make checks payable to Barbara Cloyd. If you need to send your package over-night, please use the US Postal Service and send it to the PO Box address. If you need to use Fed Ex or UPS, please call or email for the street address as they will not deliver to a post office box.

      If applying on line:
      1. Email an mp3 of each song to barbara@... . To insure delivery, send each one in a separate email.
      2. Type or paste the lyrics into the body of the email. (No Word or pdf attachments, please.)
      3. Be sure to include phone numbers.
      4. Pay with Pay Pal

      All applicants will be notified whether or not they have been accepted. Notice will be sent by email no later than 5 PM Central on Friday Sept 18th. Those without email will receive a letter.

      Applicants who would like to receive feedback on their three songs instead of just a "Yes" or "No" can pay an additional $30 for a total of $45. Feedback will be sent within 2 weeks of the close of the application process.

      Because the workshop is such an incredible learning experience, any writer who is not among the sixteen chosen to present songs is allowed to sit in and "audit" the workshop. Those who audit participate in every way except for presenting their songs to publishers. On the final day of the workshop, all auditors will have a chance to present one song to the group of participants and get feedback from Barbara and the other writers. Applicants who would like to audit should make that known after the selection process is finished on Sept 18th.

      1. Q. Can I submit co-written songs?
      A. Yes
      2. Q. What kind of demos should I submit?
      A. You can send anything from a fully-produced studio demo to a work tape sung into a hand-held cassette. Submit your best
      songs, regardless of the quality of the demo. Songs will be judged on the the writing, NOT on the demo.
      3. Q. What if I can't perform my songs??
      A. Then you can play recordings of your songs at the workshop.
      4. Q. What if I don't write Country songs?
      A. The publishers who attend are looking for great writers who WANT to write for the commercial Country market, not necessarily ones who already do. If they see great potential they may want to give writers an open door and help them develop. You are welcome to submit songs in any genre when you apply. However, if you are not interested in writing Country songs, this is not the workshop for you.
      5. Q. Can cowriters enter as a team?
      A. Yes - they are then asked to pay one fee for attending ($275) plus one fee for auditing ($150).
      6. Q. If I am selected, do the songs I present to the publishers have to be the same songs I sent in to apply?
      A. If you want to present different songs, you have to get them approved before the workshop.
      7. Q. If I can't attend the workshop can I still submit my songs to be presented to the publishers?
      A. No - the publishers aren't really looking for songs to pitch - they are looking for songwriters they may want to develop relationships with. They want to meet you. Plus the focus of the workshop is giving writers information and contacts that will help them progress towards their goal of success in the commercial market.


      Location: Bluebird Cafe, 4104 Hillsboro Rd, Nashville TN 37215
      Cost: $275 (Financial assistance available)
      The fee to audit is $150.
      Lodging: Writers secure their own lodging. A list of options will be provided to those who request it.

      Thurs Oct 22
      9 AM to 2:30 PM Introduction to writing for Music Row by Barbara Cloyd
      2:30 to 4 PM Questions/answer session with guest songwriter Jane Bach
      7 PM Writers Night at R'ichard's Cafe - all writers attending the workshop are welcome to play..

      Fri Oct 23
      8:30 AM Listening session with 2 publishers
      12:00 Lunch break
      1 PM to 4 PM Listening session with 2 publishers
      6 :30 PM Show at The Bluebird Cafe with hit writers

      Sat Oct 24
      9:00 AM Listening session with 2 publishers
      1 PM to 4 PM Auditors present songs and get feedback from the group
      7 PM Dinner and song swap at Barbara's house
      (For more information visit www.barbaracloyd.com
      or email barbara@...)

      Barbara Cloyd

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