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Upcoming San Diego NSAI Workshop Events - May 2008

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  • Elizabeth C. Axford
    Upcoming San Diego NSAI Workshop Events Upcoming San Diego NSAI Workshop Events San Diego NSAI Fourth (Third this month) Monday Workshop When: Monday, May 19,
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      Upcoming San Diego NSAI Workshop Events

      Upcoming San Diego NSAI Workshop Events

      San Diego NSAI Fourth (Third this month) Monday Workshop

      Monday, May 19, 2008, 7:00-10pm
      PLEASE NOTE: Our meeting is the 3rd Monday this month as the 4th
      Monday is Memorial Day.

      Bob Duffy's Studio
      16405 Summer Sage Rd.
      Poway, CA 92064

      TEL: (858)487-1859

      NSAI Web Cast-Based Lesson Plan -
      "Music Theory Survival for Songwriters" by Danny Arena

      Bring song(s) for critique session on CD or cued tape, send MP3 via
      e-mail to Bob, or play live.
      Bring 10-15 copies of typed lyric sheets. NSAI members' songs are
      critiqued first. Non-members may receive song critiques if time allows.

      Free to NSAI members. Non-members may attend two meetings at no
      charge, then $10/meeting/person.

      Please RSVP to lizaxford@...
      or (619)884-1401 or to
      bobduffymusic@... or (858)487-1859

      For more information on the San Diego NSAI Workshop, visit
      http://hometown.aol.com/sdnsai/myhomepage/index.html or

      New Members and Renewals - Help Us to Raise Money for the San Diego
      NSAI Workshop!

      New Member Money
      Bring in new members and bring in money to your local chapter!

      • This is a 3-month, NSAI membership program that will run May 1-July
      31, 2008.

      • For every new member your chapter enrolls $25 of their membership
      dues stays with your chapter!


      A New member is defined as someone who has never been a member of NSAI
      or has been away for at least three years and signs up under the
      "active" or "associate" member categories.

      This program is designed to stimulate new membership. The goal is five
      new members per chapter within the three month period; however, there
      is NO limit on the number of new members you can sign up or how much
      money your chapter can earn!

      Student memberships will not count as they are already discounted.

      Renewals: If someone has been delinquent for three years or less
      (would be listed on your workshop link as "8") "renews" their
      membership on- line, your chapter receives $10 from their membership

      Sign up: The new member must sign up on- line and must fill in your
      chapter information which includes city, state and coordinator name.
      This is the only way your chapter will receive credit for the new
      member. These same steps would be followed for renewals.

      Direct new members to http://www.nashvillesongwriters.com

      • From the home page have them click "join now".
      • They will then click either associate or active under the choices.
      • Click "yes" to "I was referred through an NSAI Regional Chapter.
      • They must fill in the city, state and coordinator name.
      • They then click "add to cart" and finish the registration process.

      Show me the money! After the last day of each month (May, June and
      July) all referrals that have come through your chapter will be
      tallied by our financial manager. A check will then be cut for your
      chapter and sent to you by the 15th of the following month.
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